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Chef Q&A: Ricky Moore at Saltbox Seafood Joint

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We caught up with four Durham chefs who represent the diversity of the city’s food scene.

Posted By Discover Durham Staff on Jan 13, 2017

This week, see what Ricky Moore at Saltbox Seafood Joint has to say about his favorite menu items and what it’s like to be a member of Durham’s culinary community in 2017.

Who are your influences?
All of the restaurant-going community of Durham and beyond influences me. Additionally, every restauranteur, chef-owner, and food truck operator inspires me by what they are creating for our community, as well as the local beer artists and breweries.

If someone could only order one item off of your menu… Crab grits, because it’s decadently delicious. This dish defines the culinary point of view of Saltbox Seafood Joint – simple, thoughtful, dialed-in flavors, and sure-handed cooking.

Why Durham? Durham feels like home and you do your best cooking when you’re at home, right? This is a hospitable, inclusive, and vibrant community that we all love.

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