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Culture & Community

This isn’t the beach. We make our own waves.

Durham isn’t a passive place to stop. It’s a starting point for an adventure. Durham is a place with a progressive, diverse community solving dilemmas and innovating each day. We like our barbecue and biscuits just as much as we like our locally-sourced small plates and craft cocktails. We’re a gritty tobacco-grown town with dozens of thriving international corporations. We’re activists, scholars, artists, and entrepreneurs. We always aim to blaze a new trail; that’s an experience we want to share with you.

Durham writes a new chapter with each passing day, discovered by curious visitors who are tall, small, and four-legged. You’ll find folks taking selfies in front of restored tobacco warehouses, buying gifts from locally-owned businesses, traveling by foot or bike across a thriving downtown city center, and enjoying world-class live performances of all types. Here, ideas are met with energy, challenges with ingenuity, and creation with participation. We relish both our Carolina climate and our regenerative roots. Durham is home to immigrant-owned galleries, award-winning eateries and rainbow flag adornments. Durham is home to authentic churrerias. Dreadlocks. Symphonies. Murals. You get the picture.

So, no — we’re not a beach town — but palm trees are overrated. Bring your curiosity.

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