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Bull City Beautiful

The stuff we're made of. The people we're proud of.

Bull City Beautiful was born from a craving for storytelling.
It began with the accidental introduction, the lingering feeling of a conversation worth repeating, or a soundbite worth calling a friend to muse about.
Here in Durham, those moments happen all of the time. We may not have Ferris wheels, but what we do have are our people. That is more than enough.

Celebrate these stories with us. Discover Durham.

bold representatives of beauty

Morgan Siegel: Steeped in Strength Morgan Siegel has been brewing the next chapter of black history in Durham. She says her success was made possible by the foundation her predecessors laid. Learn More

Virginia Williams: Living Legacy The depth and richness of African American history in Durham makes the marking of Black History Month especially poignant. Here, we seek to lift up the voices of our living legends. Learn More

John C. "Skeepie" Scarborough: Generations of Greatness His family has had a hand in bringing grace and dignity to African American families for over 120 years. He's not done yet. Learn More

Nolan Smith: Invested in What's Next Nolan's desire to see black brilliance in Durham permeates Duke and beyond. Learn More

Selina Mack: Finding Homes for Durham's Heart Selina Mack is the executive director of the Durham Community Land Trust. As Durham grows, she's determined to ensure that its evolution doesn't outpace legacy communities. Learn More

Tiffany Griffin, PhD: Illuminating Black Brilliance Her scents are intended to awaken the senses. Here's what she thinks is beautiful about her Durham-grown story. Learn More

Olivia Lin: Naturally Inspired Cellist, pianist, and soon to be doctor, Olivia sees beauty everywhere. Learn More

Jesse Huddleston: Creating His Story "Durham is beautiful to me because Durham is where I became me. Whole, human me." Learn More