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Things to do in Durham, NC

Durham is for doers.

Durham’s distinctive cultural character meets you at every turn. It’s in each building adorned with local art and at each outdoor performance at city center. Our rich history, pioneering accomplishments and inclusive attitude form the foundation of an ever-engaging community.

Durham has a laid-back but ready-for-what’s-next vibe. It’s not uncommon to see suited skateboarders headed downtown after work for craft cocktails, or families with young children enjoying the best of delectable Durham delights. Durham is open enough to allow you to leave your mark while you’re here — just be prepared for it to leave it’s mark on you.

Over the last 150+ years, the Bull City has cultivated a strong community of locally-grown and internationally-acclaimed artistic performers, creators, athletes and restauranteurs — and we’ve got over 5,000 events where they’re showcased. We’re a well-worn, iron-clad incubator of the unexpected.

If you’re wondering how you’ll squeeze everything in… you won’t.
Not to worry, though. Get here and discover. We know you’ll be back.

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