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Nicole Swiner: One Woman, Many Passions

A local mother, doctor, and author passionate about life and self-care.

What is a mother? Besides being a human birther, caregiver, or unconditional love giver, a mother is and does more than we could ever put into words. They are teachers teaching more than just ABCs and nurses tending to every scratch and wound. They are counselors listening to emotional needs and chauffeurs driving to sporting events, lessons, and appointments. They are cooks prepping three meals a day and trying to satisfy picky eaters. Some are home with their kids, and some have other professions, but they are all multiple-hat-wearing humans with little ones.

No one understands wearing multiple hats more than Nicole Swiner, MD, a mother with multiple careers and passions. She's a successful Black woman in numerous fields, and she's raising two daughters. In addition to being a mother, she's also a doctor, author, teacher, public speaker, and owner of both a lifestyle brand and a publishing company here in Durham.

When Dr. Swiner studied at Duke University, she fell in love with Durham, and with Ric Swiner, a popular Durham-based DJ, videographer, and photographer. Durham is at the heart of their love story, and they are thankful that their girls are growing up in the Bull City.

"I absolutely love that my children are being raised here," she says, "Durham is a beautiful place because of the people, community, food, music, art, and unique feeling of belonging."

Dr. Swiner has a full schedule. She regularly sees and takes care of families at Durham Family Medicine, and she teaches medical students and residents as an adjunct associate professor with the Family Medicine department. Her goal as a doctor and teacher is to clearly communicate the keys to better health and wellness so that all people from all walks of life can understand how to take better care of themselves and their families.

She takes that same passion to Swiner Publishing Company, where she helps authors become best-sellers from start to finish. And, as a public speaker, she passionately shares her story and all that she's learned with diverse audiences. Most importantly, though, Dr. Swiner is passionate about motherhood and her two girls.

"I often look over at them while they're playing and notice how cute they are," she says, "Then, I smile and say to myself, 'I made these cute little girls!'"

Her careers take time and energy, so, as expected, sometimes work-life balance is a struggle. Knowing all that she does, you may be tempted to call her a superwoman, but for Dr. Swiner, it's actually the opposite.

"I hit rock bottom – literally passing out at work – shortly after getting married, having my first child, and becoming a business owner," said Dr. Swiner.

After that incident, she knew she had to do something different and find more work-life integration. She moved forward with a resilient spirit, eager to live a healthy balanced life while pursuing her passions.

"Once I realized that my mind, body, and soul needed a healthy balance – that I wasn't 'no superwoman,'" said Dr. Swiner. "I felt the need to help other women live more fulfilled lives."

She restructured her work and home life so that she could thrive, wrote two books, and started a brand to help abolish the notion that you have to be a "superwoman" for your life to matter.

Next, she surrounded herself with people, like her husband, who could support her and keep her on track at home and at work. Ric believes in the importance of self-care, and he helps her block out space and time for herself.

"Mom life is a team sport. It takes help from my husband, my two girls, my friends, and paid folks (house cleaner, personal assistant, family meal makers, etc.) to help me not look or go crazy," Dr. Swiner said.

Even in the workspace, self-care is necessary. It's important to take time to sit, be quiet, and figure out what you need so that you can be your best self at work.

"In those quiet moments, I create business ideas and opportunities," she said, "Taking time to slow down helps me work smarter."

Dr. Swiner wants people, especially mothers, to know that they don't have to be superwomen and do everything all the time. You can have many passions and still take time to take care of yourself. Grab one of her books and follow Dr. Swiner on Instagram for more helpful and positive thoughts on balancing mind, body, and spirit, her love for Beyonce (the quintessential working mom), and for #nosuperwoman lifestyle merchandise.