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Classic Treasures Furniture Consignment


2659 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 401-5777
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Photo of Melissa Mendoza Melissa Mendoza
Aug 24, 2021 5

Great store and great customer service! I love this store!

Photo of Kimberly Dowdle Kimberly Dowdle
Nov 10, 2021 5

A great selection of items, great prices and very friendly staff! One of my favorite spots

Photo of R.E. PRATT Investments R.E. PRATT Investments
Nov 29, 2021 5

I have shopped here four years or more and found very nice items. Owners are sincere in making you happy down to occasional cookies and coffee. It’s a must stop in for good variety of items.

Photo of Erin Gubitz-Chung Erin Gubitz-Chung
Nov 10, 2021 5

Such a bright, cute, eclectic and friendly environment! There were items for almost any taste, from Provençal to country. The owners were kind and accommodating, but not pushy or intrusive like I’ve experienced at some small shops. Their thoughtfulness for their customers is evident - coffee for the adults and a play area for the kids. The place is bright, clean, and not dusty or musty smelling like many antique stores. They also have some old books! You have to pick through those a little more, but I personally enjoy that. I’ve sent a few friends here because of their merchandise and their obvious respect and care for others. I’m so glad we have a place like this in Durham.

Photo of Tina Renfrow Tina Renfrow
Aug 24, 2021 5

5 Stars for a business that supports liberty, freedom, and faith - not to mention high quality furniture, fair prices, and excellent customer service. Your comments against Classic Treasures are "unacceptable and irresponsible". This establishment has not broken any laws nor are they promoting offensive behavior or discriminatory actions. Your post on this topic, under the name of this business, is simply your way of advertising your agenda, maliciously, and, quite simply, is very unkind to this business and this family. Further, unkind comments such as this are what keeps people in a constant state of fear. If you live in fear, stay home. But don't persecute business like this for expressing the right to chose faith and freedom.

Photo of alison fletcher alison fletcher
Nov 2, 2021 5

Home-y. Accepting. Generous and Multi-cultural here! I love ❤ this place... It's just like visiting a small museum on a rainy day: Beauty hits the Spot!

Photo of Ben Weidner Ben Weidner
Aug 23, 2021 5

This is an incredible store and the owner truly cares about people. I work in furniture restoration and I like to send every client who asks me about buying lightly used high-quality furniture right to Blake, because I know he will treat them like friends.

Photo of Michael Andre Michael Andre
Aug 23, 2021 5

Such a fun store--you never know what you're going to find (although we usually always find something)! Owners are super friendly and helpful. It's one of our favorite places in Durham.

Photo of Kayla Pace Kayla Pace
Aug 23, 2021 5

Had a great experience here! I drove in from 45 minutes away and was not disappointed in the selection or the wonderful customer service. I also like the fact that they are open later then most places.

Photo of Tricia Conard Tricia Conard
Aug 22, 2021 5

Fabulous selection with reasonable prices, but what I liked best was the amazing customer service! This store is locally owned and the owners prove to truly care about their customers! So helpful!

Photo of DeBorah Smith DeBorah Smith
Aug 12, 2021 5

Blake is BLAZIN & AMAZIN!! I've been shopping here for a number of years and you can't beat his prices for quaint and distinctive pieces. ALWAYS Quality stuff! AND they serve Real half& half with their "FREE" coffee!

Photo of Normia Vazquez Scales Normia Vazquez Scales
Jun 24, 2021 5

Exemplary inventory and service rendered. Blake is an absolute gem, and I extend accolades to him for his stellar customer service. A+++++

Photo of Melissa Rubin Melissa Rubin
Jun 11, 2021 4

Great prices! Huge selection! Open later than all the other consignment stores in the area! Blake and daughter Savanah are extremely kind, patient and lovely humans!

Photo of Sam Hull Sam Hull
May 10, 2021 4

Old and new, a good variety of mostly furniture, and more antiques weekly

Photo of Mimi Tran Mimi Tran
Apr 10, 2021 4

It’s cute. Have a large selection of furniture.

Photo of Chip Burris Chip Burris
Apr 14, 2021 5

We have gotten some great furniture from here. I think we've been buying here for the last 10 years or so.

Photo of Kelly McCarthy Kelly McCarthy
Jan 1, 2021 5

Great selection, good prices, friendly staff

Photo of Kevin Mayeu Kevin Mayeu
Dec 9, 2020 5

I own a store in the triangle area similar to Classic Treasures and I only say that because I want people to know that I have zero motivation to write a review except to tell you what an exceptional company and ownership team CT is. When I am not able to assist a customer I send them to Blake and Classic Treasures. They take care of their consignors & customers and most importantly they offer a SAFE shopping experience for all of their customers with plenty of room for social distancing and browsing where you are not on top of other shoppers.

Photo of John Dinyari John Dinyari
Aug 14, 2020 5

Blake, Thanks for fixing our issue. John & Glenda

Photo of Christine T Christine T
Jun 10, 2020 5

This place is so great! There’s a kids area, lots of tape measures accessible, coffee station, and a furniture stain station! The customer service is amazing and they have really great stuff which all is staged beautifully and very organized. Thank you Classic Treasures!

Photo of Andy Potanin Andy Potanin
May 20, 2020 5

I've been here several times, the customer service is always great.

Photo of Megan Hohenstein Megan Hohenstein
Apr 17, 2020 5

I've furnished most of my home with pieces from Classic Treasures. I think they offer well-made pieces and have excellent customer service.

Photo of Beth Baldwin Beth Baldwin
Aug 21, 2016 5

Best furniture consignment store in the area. Friendly staff and great prices. Owner is son of Long time interior designer Dan Addison. They take only the best.

Photo of Julianna Patterson Julianna Patterson
Jan 19, 2020 3

There are a good amount of antique items as well as Nice new furniture

Photo of Blake Ray Blake Ray
Jul 6, 2019 5

Higher end resale shop, unique furniture and so on. Got an unbelievable deal on a mechanical anniversary clock there, runs perfectly, brand new condition. It is a great place.

Photo of Kyle Ollis Kyle Ollis
Mar 25, 2019 5

This is one awesome place if you’re looking for cool furniture and other great pieces.Blake has been in the business really his whole life. Great place, great prices, great people.

Photo of Jonathon Miller-Meeks Jonathon Miller-Meeks
May 31, 2019 5

Blake, who I think is the owner, just came to pick up my items and I couldn't be happier! He and his teammate Sam were super friendly, professional, quick, and helpful. Took less than 10 mins to sign the contract and for them to remove my 3 heavy items that otherwise I would have had to move to the curb myself. Not to mention getting a check in the mail if the items sell! Highly recommend!!

Photo of Cheryl Smithem Cheryl Smithem
May 27, 2019 4

A very nice clean wide variety of high quality furnishings. Their prices are reasonable for the quality of goods that they offer. They're very kind to offer coffee and snacks to Shoppers. You will find moderate priced small items as well as reasonably priced sofas, club chairs, coffee tables, cabinets, and decorative items.

Photo of Stowe Berlin Stowe Berlin
May 13, 2022 5

I enjoy browsing the constantly changing merchandise. The cookies are a nice touch.

Photo of Tori Barker Tori Barker
Jul 8, 2022 5

Nice staff, great pieces. They definitely curated what they have in the store, everything was in good condition. Their prices are on the higher side, but I would say still fair. They do have color tag sales so thats great. They have a good amount of local goods as well (soaps, paint, art) If you like antiques, definitely worth a stop in.