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Social Media Policy

Guidelines for commenting on our social media content

This page is administered by the Discover Durham for the purpose of marketing Durham as a destination, promoting Durham features, properties, and events; and engaging fans in topics of interest. Additionally, it will be used to share critical information and news about Durham in the event of emergency.

Posts and comments in conflict with the guidelines below will be deleted across our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Comments containing profanity, threats or libel will be deleted and the user banned from the page without further communication. Discover Durham reserves the right to ban users/delete any posts or comments including those that, in its sole view:

  • contain offensive or vulgar language in a negative manner
    or personal attacks of any kind
  • include overt or implicit prejudiced remarks made toward any ethnic/racial/religious group/person
  • are spam
  • are blatant, unsolicited attempts to sell or promote goods or services
  • promote events or activities that are not held in Durham
    are clearly off-topic
  • advocate or reference illegal activity
  • infringe on copyrights or trademarks

Please note that the posts and comments expressed on social networking sites do not necessarily reflect the opinions and positions of Discover Durham, its employees, or its governing body, the Durham Tourism Development Authority. Any non-Discover Durham links on this site do not constitute endorsement by the Discover Durham.

Discover Durham reserves the right to change and supplement these guidelines without notice. For questions about this policy, please contact us at socialmedia@discoverdurham.com.