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Science Places

The urge to learn is one Durham takes seriously. It's not just in the classrooms and the research facilities either (though it is certainly present there, too). It's in places like the Museum of Life + Science, where interactive learning is encouraged through exhibits like a dinosaur trail complete with a fossil dig, a total immersion butterfly house, a woodland habitat where animals can be observed, and other hands-on experiences. The Duke Lemur Center heeds the call by hosting the largest population of lemurs outside of their native Madagascar, which are then protected and studied to promote an appreciation of biodiversity. In addition, the nation's largest research park, Research Triangle Park, calls Durham home.

The listings below offer opportunities for everyone – children or adults – to explore science through tours, exhibits, and more.

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Hideaway Woods

Hideaway Woods is a two-acre, forested learning environment featuring tree houses, a flowing streambed, and fanciful nature sculptures. Connected by rope bridges, the tree house village encourages …

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Rhine Research Center

World's most famous laboratory studying extrasensory perception (ESP), telepathy, psycho kinesis, and related mental abilities. Library, exhibits, and tours by appointment.

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