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Frog Hollow Outdoors


614 Trent Dr
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 416-1200
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Frog Hollow Outdoors

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Photo of Andrew McGuffin Andrew McGuffin
Jun 17, 2019 1

Frog Hollow LLC requires participants to sign a blanket waiver of all liability to participate in its activities. This is not an assumption of risk agreement whereby participants merely acknowledge and assume the risks inherent in its outdoor activities. No, they insist participants indemnify -- and even defend -- Frog Hollow LLC regardless of whether Frog Hollow was grossly negligent or even willful. If, for example, Frog Hollow knowingly permits a staffer with his license revoked to drive participants in a Frog Hollow van while dead drunk, and, thereby, injures or kills these participants, Frog Hollow's waiver would indemnify it, even if FH, LLC knew he had done the same numerous times in the past. Similarly, if a FH, LLC staffer were to get angry at a participant and willfully act in a grossly dangerous manner that consequently injured that participant, the waiver would indemnify FH, LLC. If a FH, LLC staffer assaults or batters a participant, FH, LLC is indemnified. The range of possible or potential extreme examples is boundless, and FH, LLC wants absolute indemnification in all instances without exception. Should FH, LLC wish for participants to assume those risks inherent in vigorous outdoor activities such as the risk of drowning in a river in which their canoe capsizes because a guide made a judgment error, that's fine. Instead, FH, LLC asks participants to allow it to do its business as it pleases without any consequence whatsoever: No accountability, no responsibility and no professionalism. Unacceptable.

Photo of Cocoa Cinnamon Cocoa Cinnamon
Jun 9, 2018 5

Such a great local business. We got out on the Eno and Flat rivers last night and it was so relaxing...something we need to do more. Banks and his team are kind, knowledgeable and excellent with providing an amazing experience. We've done the family paddle and the paddle under the stars and both were outstanding for different reasons.

Photo of Jacob Matheny Jacob Matheny
Mar 12, 2019 5

It’s gud.

Photo of Michael Feigin Michael Feigin
Apr 25, 2018 5

They provide the best paddling and other outdoor trips.

Photo of zach mcelhaney zach mcelhaney
Dec 20, 2017 1

Not open 24 hours me and my wife Noah drive out here at 3:36, it took us 50 days and I missed my Grandpa's funeral. They were closed. Lobotomy

Photo of R Cardone R Cardone
Jun 21, 2019 5

Great camps for the kids. Friendly and helpful counselors.