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Eno River State Park


6101 Cole Mill Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 383-1686
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Photo of Elizabeth Doyle Elizabeth Doyle
Jan 2, 2024 5

The walking trails are well marked. You can easily choose to take a shorter or longer walk. There were maps of the trails and facilities to take along with you. There's designated parking but it fills up quickly. I noticed cars parked along the street (they didn't have parking violation tickets).

Photo of M. Kat M. Kat
Nov 17, 2023 5

Today was the first time that my husband and I and our dog went to this park. I had never heard of it even though I've lived in North Carolina for over 15 years and within an hour of this park for 9 years. And luckily I saw it on the map as we were actually headed somewhere else. Such an amazing and beautiful park. The Ranger was very helpful with telling me how to get to a trail. They have a lovely swinging bridge and beautiful river that you can walk alongside. Dog friendly! Which is an absolute must anywhere we go. Beautiful tress, cool tree root formations and just an overall well kept, spacious park with lots of easy accessible trails and lots of shorter trails for people who can't do longer ones or for dogs that can't do longer ones. I did not see any doggy poo bags so make sure you bring your own! Loved it so much!

Photo of Jonathan Seeler Jonathan Seeler
Nov 1, 2023 5

This is probably my favorite park in all of North Carolina. The trails give everyone a chance to slow down and enjoy nature. You can fish along the river at spots like Bobbit's Hole, walk the trails, or reserve a primitive campsite of your choice. I really liked that the trails are of varied lengths. You could walk as little or as much as you want.

Photo of Murray Gregory Murray Gregory
Oct 26, 2023 5

There was a really nice person at the visitor center who helped us get our bearings. The suspension bridge across the river is right behind the center. There are many hiking trails that we will explore in future visits.

Photo of Carolina Girl Carolina Girl
Oct 8, 2023 5

Amazing park. I didn't have to walk far to get to the bridge & cabin. It's practically right by parking, but far enough to feel like you're deep in the woods. Got some great photos, I will most definitely be back for another visit. This place is a photographer's dream. If you like nature & trails, you'll like this place. I went on a weekend, everyone was nice and let people take their turn photographing the bridge and cabin. The trails last for miles, if you like nature walks. This place put me at ease and it was a great experience. People were walking on the trails with their dogs, taking professional photos, smiling, and laughing. Highly recommend a visit, even if it's for a short walk. A lot of people were there with their family and kids. Finding the swinging bridge was a bit difficult, because there were no signs. However, I found a post that had a map you could take with you to know where everything was. I inevitably, started to follow a couple who clearly knew where they were going. Once I started walking on the trail, I could see the swinging bridge. I'll be back for another visit soon. Thanks for the great experience 😀

Photo of Rebekah Carmichael Rebekah Carmichael
Sep 13, 2023 5

This is my favorite NC State park!! I have been to 2/3 of them and continue to make the 3 hour trek from my home to Eno. I have camped at the primitive sites and always felt safe and accounted for. The trails are relatively easy to hike. The river can often be waxed across so long as you don’t mind the water going up to shoulders if there’s a lot of flow. This place is super family friendly. lots of nature like deer, birds, turtles, fish and the occasional snake. Plenty to explore like the historic buildings and the footbridge. This place is a gem and it’s easily accessible to the Triangle, I-85 & I-40. All the rangers I’ve met are great and helpful and the facilities are always clean. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this park!

Photo of Blanca Petrillo Blanca Petrillo
Jul 26, 2023 5

This park is really nice, you can go in the river in some areas. There is a fun suspension Bridge to crosse and many trails. The welcome building is new, ranger is very informative, bathrooms are nice and clean.

Photo of Jared Fregoe Jared Fregoe
Jul 22, 2023 5

Absolutely beautiful park! A lot of history and information a for you to view while walking the trails as well.

Photo of Judeth Hopkins Judeth Hopkins
Jul 2, 2023 5

Love this park. The trails are well marked the water is clean It is very rocky. The restroom are drop toliets but the must pump them regularly they are not overwhelming any time I have been to the park. We saw two water snakes, lots of different birds, tadpoles and fish.

Photo of arman rashid arman rashid
Jun 17, 2023 5

One of the best place I ever visited. Nice trails. With a small stream where you can take a dip.

Photo of Chanchal Chanchal
Jun 7, 2023 5

Felt wonderful during our unplanned stop at this park. Loved walking through Eno River Ped Bridge and it’s trails very well maintained. This park is for all ages. River flowing is shallow, liked walking on trails along with this river, green trails. This park has picnic benches, very cool shelters, Wilderness cabin, great parking area, restrooms. Great for camping. This park has other entrances too. Grab a map and decide which part of the park you would like to enjoy, I was at Fews Ford. Worth visiting.

Photo of Catherine Lara Catherine Lara
Apr 26, 2023 5

Very nice walking areas. Clean bathrooms and nice time with nature and my son. Not the Merced river in CA but nice time getting back to nature. Saw 3 turtles resting on a log and 1 snake swimming across the river. Will be back. Close to Durham.