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Eno River State Park


6101 Cole Mill Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 383-1686
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Photo of Robin Mehera Robin Mehera
Oct 29, 2022 5

It was a perfect fall Saturday Morning we decided to go on hike and had been wanting to check out Eno river state park. It was very easy to get to, we were trying to get to Holden Trail, but the google maps takes you to a private residence, so avoid that. Luckily we were very close to buckquarter creek trail. We found parking easily on the side of the road as the lot was full. The trail was very easy and scenic, a big creek with a good bit of folks there just for the creek itself and not a hike. It took roughly 30-40 minutes to complete. There was a path to go to Holden once we were 15 minutes in, but we decided to save for next time.

Photo of Michelle Fearon Scales Michelle Fearon Scales
Oct 3, 2022 5

We loved our visit to the gorgeous Eno River State Park. The trails were well-kept and clean, and the scenery was beautiful. We went to the Cox Mountain trail, where there was plenty of parking, picnic benches, and a trail head that went to the cool suspension bridge over the river. The trails beyond the picnic benches are not paved and may be less accessible to those that do not have sure footing.

Photo of Larissa Kim Larissa Kim
Aug 28, 2022 5

We like hiking as a family at Eno River. It has good hills and also lots of flat areas as well. If you don't want to do the full trail loop you can always go up and turn around. It's well marked and our kids always enjoy the suspension bridge.

Photo of Carlos Kim Carlos Kim
Aug 25, 2022 5

Very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. I have been living in Holly springs for more than 6 years but never realized that such a beautiful and serene park existed so close to home. Another reason why I love living in North Carolina. Perfect picnic spot and a casual walk by the river.

Photo of The White T-Shirt Guy The White T-Shirt Guy
Aug 19, 2022 5

With 5 entry points and almost 30 miles of trails this place has room for everyone. The water is shallow so canoeing and kayaking can be difficult. Check their calendar for events and activities. It's also great for camping and facilities are also reservable. Enjoy! 😊

Photo of Mark Smith Mark Smith
Aug 13, 2022 4

Lovely place to visit. Too many kids in the water for it to be peaceful. Also, some folks arrived while I was meditating in the water (along with my phone which survived the experience), having a chilled time with my wife, and began pumping out some terrible tunes and throwing back redbull and vodka. I would say keep alcohol out and music banned to maintain the beautiful natural energy provided.

Jul 24, 2022 5

What a nice place. Staffs are so kind and they were willing to providing tourist information for us. We get there in summer time, and saw a lot of people were having fun in the water. I highly recommend visitors drop by the park office to get information.

Photo of Gregg Gusta Gregg Gusta
Jul 1, 2022 3

A little too crowded compared to other places that I have hiked lately. It's probably a lot quieter outside of summer. I would rate it as easy. There are maps available at the parking area. Picture of an interesting 🎄.

Photo of Jits08 Jits08
Jun 19, 2022 5

What an awesome spot! This was our first time coming to this park. It's about an hour drive for us, but it was worth it! The park itself is easy enough to get to. As for parking, there are very limited spots- especially on the weekends when we went. If you're going, make sure to plan ahead, get there early to get a parking spot, and to avoid the crowds. There are many trails located here. We decided on the Cox Mountain Trail. It has a decent length of about 4 miles round trip, views of the river, a suspension bridge, as well as an old cabin! The trail was easy to follow. There are plenty of signs pointing the way for you to go, as well as marks on the trees. Super easy going and you never have to wonder if you went the right way. The route was easy enough, as trails go. We stopped a few times so the kids could play in the water and search for Crayfish. We're definitely coming back here to check out the other trails. I hear the Quarry is cool!

Photo of Nikl Kel Nikl Kel
Jun 13, 2022 4

I would recommend walking the mountain cox trail or the Holden mill trail all the way to the back and go for a dip in the Eno river. In the front it is quite busy and not so beautiful as in the back part. The hikes are very easy and short, only the weather is making it tough. All in all only the river is scenic, the rest is more or less only woods with no views.

Photo of David Roberts David Roberts
Jun 1, 2022 4

It's quite the drive from Wilson; but, none the less, the few times we have been there, each trip was tranquil/relaxing. I find the best part of the hike is being down by the river, sitting on a fallen tree or boulder. Benches are placed along the trail, just stop have a seat and take in the serenity of it all.

Photo of Taryn H Taryn H
May 29, 2022 5

We love the Eno and so did my pup Autumn. We like to go at odd times when there’s no one really there. Don’t worry my bf was the the bottom of the stairs and I was at the top. You do have to keep pups on a leash but there’s plenty of room for fun.

Photo of HJ K HJ K
May 7, 2022 5

It was so beautiful and wonderful park. Most of all, I really loved the birding bingo program at the park. Ashely showed us the hidden world below and above the park! We can find so many wonderful creature under her guide! It was unforgettable moment!! She was also a great model to show how to preserve and love the nature!!!

Photo of Ankita Kapadia Ankita Kapadia
Mar 27, 2022 4

While it’s not the most awe inspiring park around, Eno River is nice. There’s plenty of parking and a spacious picnic area. The paths in the picnic area are paved which can help if a picnic is the only thing you’re here for. On the park itself, in the right light and weather, the river is beautiful. The sound of running water is rather calming. The hikes are easy to moderate and on the shorter side. The highlight for me was the suspension foot bridge. It’s not something found on a lot of hikes and it’s a unique experience.

Photo of Tracey DeShazo Tracey DeShazo
Mar 22, 2022 5

There's parking on this side of the trail. Great trail for beginners as it's easy to moderate to navigate. I do suggest using a hiking stick. The scenery is beautiful, and there's a suspended swinging bridge to cross the river. I recommend giving this trail a try.

Photo of Fenite Fenite
Mar 17, 2022 5

Tons of rocks everywhere tons of them to climb over. Along with the suspension bridge it is tons of fun to walk over. And it is one of the best hiking spots in the triangle with tons of little streams that flow into the river with tons of those cute footbridges to cross over the streams. There are even a few swimming holes. It is a great spot to exercise any puppy.

Photo of Jonah Bishop Jonah Bishop
Jan 23, 2022 5

Eno River state park is one of North Carolina's best state parks, and is a terrific place for all Triangle residents. It's amazing that such a seemingly isolated park is so close to Raleigh-Durham. Our family loves hiking here; you'll see new things every time you visit. It's also worth visiting during every season: there's something enjoyable to see at every point in the year. Wildlife thrives here!

Photo of Hannah Ringler Hannah Ringler
Dec 18, 2021 5

Gorgeous! I haven't been to the Bobbits Hole access before and it is amazing! Just look at this beautiful tree! I came with the Raleigh Durham Free Forest School, which is awesome, and am looking forward to returning regularly. The hike is overall very easy and not very long, so folks with lower mobility should be able to manage it. I wasn't worried carrying my son in a backpack carrier, even in the dusk.