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Duke Lemur Center


3705 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 401-7240
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Photo of Gary Kibble Gary Kibble
Mar 18, 2020 5

A must see if you're in Durham (reservations required). We learned a lot about lemurs from our knowledgeable guide, and got to see several outdoors and heard them howl at each other. There is also an indoor room for the nocturnal Aye-Aye that looks bat-like. The gift store is also worth a visit - you can buy a painting made by a lemur!

Photo of Erik Israel Erik Israel
Jul 15, 2020 5

Magical place, and one that I frequently remember fondly. The little leems are cared for so well here which warms my heart. Everyone who works or volunteers here is a saint in my opinion.

Photo of Kihn Ian Kihn Ian
Jun 13, 2021 4

A great tour for everyone. The walk is easy. Our guide was so knowledgeable and it was very interesting. A gem close to my new home town. Can't wait to go back and take a feeding tour.

Photo of Daniel Weiner Daniel Weiner
Jun 21, 2021 5

The guide was knowledgeable and we learned quite a lot about lemurs. And we got some good photos

Photo of Amia Landry Amia Landry
Jun 20, 2021 4

This place was a great balance to the historical sites and museums that we saw in the Triangle area. First we learned about Madagascar (had known virtually nothing than location): size of island, varying climate zones ,and the people.

Photo of Justin Singh Justin Singh
Sep 7, 2021 5

What a great experience! Thank you to the friendly staff for yesterday's tour!

Photo of Lauri Engler Lauri Engler
May 28, 2019 5

Did our second Walking with Lemurs tour here this past weekend...had to come back for more! We visited with three types of lemurs, red ruffed, ringtail and sifaka. It is an amazing up close and personal tour that allows for great pictures and videos! Our guide Megan and lemur keeper Matt were awesome...so knowledgeable and friendly. For the lemur-obsessed, this trip is a must!

Photo of Dave Fleming Dave Fleming
Mar 26, 2019 5

What a great experience! While the center itself may be a bit awkward to find, my GPS was accurate. If you drive yourself, there is ample parking. Make sure you come property dressed for the weather. If it's raining, you might get wet and muddy. The tours were prompt and informative. Everyone that worked there was friendly and knowledgeable. They have a plethora of lemurs which is a true treat in North America! A definite must-stop if you're in the area.

Photo of Niki Saylor Niki Saylor
May 25, 2019 5

Amazing place to learn about lemurs and the wonderful research being done to help them.

Photo of Paul Otteson Paul Otteson
Mar 2, 2019 5

My family had a wonderful time! The tour guide was knowledgeable and the tour was interesting.Regarding some of the negative reviews:This is not a zoo, it is a research facility that offers tours to the public.

Photo of Nico Posada Nico Posada
Mar 4, 2019 5

Had a phenomenal experience. They make you feel at home, and most importantly it was fun!

Photo of Aravind Reddy Aravind Reddy
Jun 30, 2019 3

The tour and guides were great. The gift shop cashier was not polite with me and my family. Overall, the experience was great and I'm disappointed in the interaction with this one individual.

Photo of sarah hoskinson sarah hoskinson
Oct 13, 2019 5

The lemur center is one of my favorite places to go to, even as an adult! The lemurs are always so curious and interested in their surroundings, it's quite entertaining! I would recommend going during the summer during their open house periods on the weekends. Each exhibit has a volunteer that tells you everything there is to know about the lemurs they are with that day. It is quite impressive! Make sure you call for reservations first though!

Photo of Jd Slatta Jd Slatta
Oct 5, 2019 5

Like no other place on Earth. Educational, immersive, and furry. Lemurs come in far more species and sizes than I ever knew about. Come visit and support endangered species as you learn about these unique mammals from Madagascar.

Photo of Frank Nolen Frank Nolen
Jul 20, 2019 4

It’s not a great experience for the 12 dollar tour. You need to remember this is not a zoo, so the animals are not on display like in a zoo. The cages make it difficult to see the lemurs and you can just forget about taking photos, unless you have 100-300 dollars per person and get on a waiting list for the photo tour your just going to be out of luck. It’s a great cause and the lemurs are awesome.

Photo of Heather Burns Heather Burns
Jul 12, 2019 5

We went in April (had to get on a waiting list for reservations, so book early). Most of the lemurs were in the inside enclosures, due to the temperature, however, if you go in the summer, you get a completely different experience! The inside enclosures were a bit difficult to continue to look at, as there is a chain link fence and sometimes that makes your eyes go wonky.

Photo of Carolyn Penny Carolyn Penny
Aug 24, 2019 5

Great place to see and learn about fascinating lemurs. Remember to book a tour in advance.

Photo of Jen Booth Jen Booth
Nov 24, 2019 5

We enjoyed our general tour today with our two teenagers. We’ve been wanting to do the tour for a while and it was fun and educational. We got a glimpse into what Duke Lemur Center is doing to help this endangered species. They have the largest number of lemurs outside of Madagascar. The bush babies (which are not lemurs) were a cool bonus to get to see too. Thanks Duke Lemur Center!

Photo of Joshua Allen Joshua Allen
Nov 26, 2019 5

The Lemur Center is such an interesting place to visit. Highly recommend!

Photo of Frank Grumbine Frank Grumbine
Feb 26, 2020 5

The Duke Lemur Center is a great place to learn and engage with old world primates. They perform ground breaking research on prosimian species here and we are fortunate to have a glimpse into their beautiful facility. Would highly recommend expanding your knowledge of primatology.