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Top 5 Reasons to Meet in Durham  

RDU Airport Accessibility  

1. Get Here With Ease:

Durham is within an hour's flight or day's drive of more than half the nation's population.

Every day, people from all over the world come to Durham to make great things happen. Luckily, getting to Durham is simple.

Serviced by RDU International Airport, Durham is just an hour's flight away for more than half of the US. RDU offers 400 daily flights arriving from 40 nonstop destinations both domestic and international, and serves nearly 10 million passengers annually.

In addition, Durham is within a day's drive for half the country and midway between Atlanta and Philadelphia, making it convenient for drive in attendees.

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2. Work Hard, Play Hard:

Durham will keep your attendees engaged before, after, and even in between meetings.

Durham's innovative spirit is more than a day job; it's a way of life.

That creative culture extends beyond its office buildings and research labs to leisure activities that will encourage your attendees to explore, relax, and have a good time!

From its internationally recognized food scene, unique shopping districts, intriguing museums and historic sites, major annual events, and breathtaking gardens - Durham is a city of endless possibilities. Bring your event to Durham, and let us bring the city's distinctive character to you.

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3. Tap Into Great Minds:

Come get inspired in Durham, a place for beginnings, for growing, for creating.

Durham is a magnet for cutting-edge industries, forward thinking organizations, and top talent.

It's where global corporations like IBM, Cisco, Bayer, Fidelity, and GlaxoSmithKline hang their hats. And more than 225 startups have launched in Downtown Durham alone.

Consider that alongside the city's incredibly diverse population and you start to get a sense of Durham's greatest resource-its people.

Let us show you how Durham's intellectual capital and innovative spirit can elevate your event.

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4. See How Durham Is The Right Fit:

Durham offers event venues in a variety of sizes and styles.

Our team can show you how Durham's 8,000 guest rooms and eight full-service hotels can be the right fit for your event.

Whether it's a board meeting for 10 or a citywide convention for 10,000, Durham has a variety of facilities from conference centers, restored tobacco warehouses, state-of-the-art theaters, and one of the top public gardens in the US.

Our centrally located, 40,000 square-foot convention center is just a short walk from hotels, acclaimed dining options, and performance venues.

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5. Let Discover Durham Be Your Guide:

Discover Durham offers a wide range of complimentary services to help make your event a success.

Durham is one of a kind and our Discover Durham experts will ensure that your event is just as unique.

Let us help you build a signature Durham event that incorporates restored warehouses, historic buildings, locally made products, food trucks, breweries, and more.

And with amenities like spectacular event spaces, professional event planning services, and a city brimming with world-class food and entertainment, we can help you create an event that will have a lasting impact on your attendees.

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