Durham North Carolina

A Unique mix of rich history, pioneering, achievements and diverse culture- That's what makes Durham the kind of place that is always engaging. Take in a breathtaking view or opt for a comfortable place.

Durham Civil Rights mural

Museum of Life + Science

Explore our exhibits, joining a daily program, sign up for a class, or even become a member - we can't wait to see what you discover!

The national accolades it's earned as a place to live, work and
place, oldy prove that anyone who's been here has already experienced -
and experience is the key. Come to Durham and find something new: art,
history, food, events you name it.


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January 42.0 °F / 05.5 °C 14.0 °F / -10.0 °C
February 45.0 °F / 07.2 °C 18.0 °F / -07.8 °C
March 52.0 °F / 11.1 °C 24.0 °F / -04.4 °C
April 59.0 °F / 15.0 °C 31.0 °F / -0.50 °C
May 68.0 °F / 20.0 °C 41.0 °F / 05.0 °C
June 79.0 °F / 26.1 °C 50.0 °F / 10.0 °C
July 84.0 °F / 28.8 °C 55.0 °F / 12.8 °C
August 82.0 °F / 27.7 °C 54.0 °F / 12.2 °C
September 74.0 °F / 23.3 °C 45.0 °F / 07.2 °C
October 63.0 °F / 17.2 °C 34.0 °F / 01.1 °C
November 50.0 °F / 10.0 °C 23.0 °F / -05.0 °C
December 42.0 °F / 05.6 °C 16.0 °F / -08.8 °C

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Calendar of Events
Pictured: Lucky Strike factory water tower.

Calendar of Events

Making plans requires a great list of options. Conveniently, almost 5,000 choices are listed on the Durham Event Calendar.

View Calendar
Discover Durham This Summer
Pictured: Discover Durham This Summer Guide

Discover Durham This Summer

If Durham writes a new chapter with each passing day, let’s just say that the summer season is a writer’s paradise.There’s content everywhere you look in the Bull City, and your next adventure belongs on the pages of our summer seasonal guide. Read on for:

A uniquely Durham summer checklist (filled to the brim with free, family-friendly, and strawberry-themed treats
How we do Durham agritourism
Ways to soak in the sun, savor Durham flavors, and treasure Durham culture

So, no — we’re not a beach town — but palm trees are overrated. Bring your curiosity. We’ll be waiting.

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