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You don't have to look long in Durham to find something truly unique to write about. Durham has many new and exciting things happening, along with fascinating people and places. Visit the new developments page for a comprehensive list of new and upcoming projects. Can't decide which angle to take? Click below to gather ideas for currently trending topics.

A Thriving Food Scene

Durham loves barbecue and biscuits, but it also favors global cuisine like Spanish tapas, Central American comfort food, and omakase dining. Durham has been recognized as the South's Tastiest Town by Southern Living magazine, and Bull City chefs and restaurateurs have received numerous James Beard Award nominations for innovative and exemplary work. Discover local favorites or who's gaining press and awards.

A Rising Drink Culture

In the last few years Durham has become the home of choice for distillers and brewers. Durham now has nine breweries, and craft beverages to boot with four distilleries, a cidery, a meadery and more growler and bottle shops than you can count on both hands.

More Places to Rest Your Head

Durham has over 70 lodging options (with over 8,000 guest rooms), ranging from large conference centers and boutique hotels – such as Aloft Durham Downtown, which is attached to DPAC — Durham Performing Arts Center; The Durham, a boutique hotel with a rooftop bar; the 17-story 21C Museum Hotel; and the retro-chic Unscripted Hotel – to cozy bed and breakfasts and locally-owned inns, such as Black-owned and operated Morehead Manor bed and breakfast. For a county just 16 miles across, Durham’s lodging options are as exciting and diverse as those you might normally find in larger metropolitan areas.

Artisans and Craftspeople

Durham artisans and craftspeople are catching the entrepreneurial spirit of the city and making products and goods that create national followings. In Durham, it's just as likely to find artisan small-batch roasted peanut butter on the shelves at a local bakery serving brick oven-baked sourdough as it would be in a national food magazine.

The New Southern Economy

In the business world, Durham is commonly known as the home of Research Triangle Park, a business park that contains some of the largest science and technology companies in the world. The park's new master plan calls for more mixed-use spaces and areas for walking and biking. Additionally, Durham's startup and tech scene is catching the attention of Silicon Valley. American Underground, a startup incubator located in Downtown Durham, is currently one of twelve Google Tech Hubs in North America.

Durham's startup scene is uniquely diverse and has the fourth-highest concentration of venture capital in the U.S. when adjusted for population.

A Sports Lover’s Haven

Spectator sports fan? The Duke University Blue Devils Basketball program may get a lot of press, but Durham also has the North Carolina Central University Eagles Division I basketball team and the world-famous Durham Bulls minor league baseball team who Baseball America named the most accomplished minor league of the decade. Discover Durham operates the Durham Sports Commission, so don’t be afraid to reach out for more story ideas specific to everything from The Secret Game and Bull Durham movie, to the latest sports taking place today.

History Happenings

Did you know Durham is the only county in North Carolina with three state historic sites? Or that the Civil War effectively ended in Durham? That's right, Durham was the site of the largest troop surrender of the Civil War. In 2019, Durham celebrated its 150th anniversary of the city’s incorporation. Durham’s been the site of pivotal events long before the Bull City was put on a map and named for Dr. Bartlett Durham in the 1800s. It hasn’t been a place that’s slowed down since.

Want more inspiration? Or, maybe story ideas unique to Durham or a bit more beaten off the path? There’s a wealth of lesser-known facts about Durham as a destination and how Durham has shaped the world at large we’d be happy to share with you. Sometimes the most offbeat pitches land the best story. Click the thumbnails above of hyperlinks here for "Only in Durham" inspiration, for "Hidden Gems" and for "Famous Durham Residents: Past and Present."