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Frequently Asked Questions about Filming in Durham

What makes Durham unique as a location?

Durham is visually diverse and can simulate a number of climates and locales - from the Gothic look of Duke University's West Campus, to Durham's many historic neighborhoods and homes, to the distinctive, neo-Romanesque brickwork of turn-of-the-century tobacco warehouses, to the pastoral, river- and lake-fed countryside of North Durham, to the 1920s and 1930s look of downtown, to the futuristic look of Research Triangle Park's business complexes.

What is the terrain and weather like in Durham?

Durham is mild, with the average high in the high 80s and humid in summer, 50s in the winter, and 60s and 70s in the spring and fall. The terrain is hills, dales, and meandering streams and rivers, characterized by 96,000 acres of hardwood and evergreen forests and 7,800 acres of cropland.

Where is Durham located?

Durham is located 23 miles from the Virginia border in the northeast corner of North Carolina's central Piedmont - a geographic foothills 140 miles from the Appalachian highlands and 130 miles from the Atlantic coast. Durham is within a day's drive and an hour's flight of 54% of the nation's population.

Does Durham have accommodations for talent as well as crew?

Durham has more than 8,000 guest rooms, and more than 2,600 of those rooms are at full-service lodging properties. Durham also boasts two of the region's four 4-Diamond properties.

Does Duke University permit shooting?

Yes, but usually with stipulations. Discover Durham can facilitate a request with Duke, or you can contact Duke's Office of News & Communicationsdirectly. Duke has been very cooperative with a number of productions, including premier television shows and feature films, but its students always come first.

What producers are good references for Durham?

First and foremost is native son Thom Mount. Mount produced Bull Durham and has assisted a number of other projects, including development of the North Carolina Film Office.

Is Durham film-friendly?

Yes. Local government, including the Durham Police Department, has been extremely cooperative with filmmakers. With more than a dozen film festivals held here each year, including the world-class Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, local residents are also keen on the cinematic arts.

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