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True to our organizational name, the Discover Durham PR team is happy to help you ‘discover’ Durham. We know you’re eager to visit Durham, and we’re eager to assist with press trips for qualified media members. Interested? Fill out the form below to let us know.

Discover Durham’s PR team hosts media visits throughout the year. We promise to work with you to make your trip as productive as possible and ask that you provide at least three weeks’ notice before your preferred travel dates and as much detail about your assignment as possible. If trip requests are made on short notice, the traveling media should not expect to receive a full itinerary or guaranteed accommodations. Press trip assistance is at the discretion of Discover Durham, evaluated based upon a media member’s scope of coverage, outlet reach, story angle, timing, length of stay and other factors.

While we aim to accommodate as many requests as possible, assistance is not guaranteed. A few things to please keep in mind:

  • Complimentary or discounted accommodations, meals and activities are handled on an individual basis.
  • If complimentary accommodations are not available, Discover Durham will work to secure media rates or other discounts
  • Complimentary meals and gift cards exclude gratuity and might not cover the entire bill. Discover Durham is not responsible for any outstanding balance.
  • The team’s top priority is to assist working media — we cannot always accommodate spouses, children, and additional people in a travel party. Working media traveling with others in their party are expected to disclose in advance the ages and relationships of others in their travel party to Discover Durham's PR team.
  • Media members on assignment or with guaranteed coverage will be prioritized when considering the level and extent of the PR team’s assistance.
  • Bloggers or influencers must be active on social media and committed to posting during a hosted trip.
  • Qualified media members will be expected to provide the PR team with an update on story placement or coverage within three weeks following the press trip.

Working media members traveling to Durham and asking for assistance from Discover Durham should expect to complete a liability waiver in advance.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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Senior Director of Marketing


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PR Manager



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