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Ciudad del Toro: Durham Eats for Hispanic Heritage Month

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Durham’s sizable Hispanic and Latino community has made many contributions to the Bull City, including a number of tasty restaurants.

Posted By Craig Carter on Oct 07, 2020

Enjoy a delicious meal (or treat!) at one of these Latino-owned restaurants in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. We asked our followers for their favorites and they gave us delicious answers. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should be more than enough to get you to start drooling.

Alpaca Peruvian Chicken

If you've been to any of the Alpaca Peruvian Chicken locations, you know their roasted chicken, black beans and rice, and yucca fries are downright addicting. Durham has three locations: 9th Street, South Square, and off of Davidson Ave.

Blue Corn Cafe

The Blue Corn Cafe has been on 9th Street since 1997. Owners Antonio Rios and Danielle Martini-Rios share their love of all Latin and South American cuisine. And Chef Antonio adds the flavors of his native Mexico and along with his favorites from the Caribbean.

Boricua Soul

A beautiful fusion of Caribbean, Puerto Rican, and Southern soul food, you can find Boricua Soul near the "Durham" sign at the American Tobacco Campus. The husband and wife team of Toriano and Serena are behind this exciting new spot.

Cocoa Cinnamon – Lakewood

For amazing coffee drinks, hot chocolate, and churros, head to Cocoa Cinnamon's third location in the Lakewood neighborhood. The owners, Leon and Areli Barrera de Grodski, were inspired by the churrerias of Mexico, and you can find nods to Areli's Mexican background in the bilingual menus and signage as well as the brightly patterned decor and tile work.

El Cuscatleco Restaurant

El Cuscatleco is another no frills spot where you can find authentic Salvadorean and Mexican food. And we agree with the sign below. You should be here.

Don Becerra Taqueria

The phrase "hidden gem" gets thrown around a lot, but Don Becerra Taqueria certainly qualifies. Inside this specialty grocery store, you'll find a restaurant with fast and friendly service and fresh, authentic Mexican and Central American cuisine.

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Don Gallo (formerly Tacos Nacos)

When you pull up to the red and yellow house and you see "Cely's Casa De Cambio" on the outside, you might think you're at the wrong place. But don't worry. Don Gallo (also known as Tacos Nacos) shares the space with a currency exchange store. You're in the right place for delicious Mexican food.

Earth to Us

If you're still on the fence when it comes to vegan food, have one of these buffalo cauliflower bites. If it doesn't make you jealous of your taste buds, there's no hope for any of us. Earth to Us is the vegan place in Durham for American and Latin vegan comfort food.

El Chapin

Owner Rony Ordóñez started El Chapin in 2015. His restaurant offers traditional Guatemalan cuisine along with a wall of groceries.

El Jefecito

Chef Laureano, nicknamed "El Jefecito," cooked for some of Durham's best restaurants, but he wanted his own catering and restaurant in the Bull City. His dream came true with his hit food truck expanding into a recently-opened restaurant.


To experience the full glory of a delicious arepa, visit Guasaca. The small Triangle-based chain specializes in the Venezuela staple. You can find their Durham location off of W. Main Street.

La Monarca Michoacana

For a sweet treat, head to La Monarca Michoacana, which specializes in Mexican-style paletas and ice cream. Can't decide on what to get? No shame in getting both.

La Superior Carniceria

As one Yelp reviewer wrote about La Superior Carniceria (La Superior for short), "You may think it is just a grocery store when you drive by, but it is so much more." Beyond the market is the bakery which offers fresh tortillas and other baked goods. Behind that is the restaurant where everything is fresh and made to order.

Mi Calvillo

The mother-daughter team of Esmerelda and Valeria Lopez run this tiny spot on 9th Street. The food you'll get at Mi Calvillo is the same as Esmerelda's hometown of Calvillo in central Mexico.

Mi Perú Peruvian Cuisine

Rotisserie chicken, tostones, and fried yuca are just a few of the delicious items you can find at Mi Perú. You can treat yourself to traditional and authentic Peruvian food at this charming spot.

Pincho Loco

Off of 9th St near the "Angel of Spring," you can find a cute little ice cream shop called Pincho Loco. Here you can get native Latino flavors such as tequila, tiger tail (vanilla, Mexican vanilla, and chocolate), guava, tamarind, and more.

Restaurante Guanajuato de Durham

When you see the sign with a smiling chili pepper wearing a sombrero, you know you've made it to the right place. From a Yelp reviewer, Restaurante Guanajuato de Durham is "...authentic, wonderful, flavorful, and comforting. The Chile Rellenos is like a warm hug from grandma." The menus are in Spanish, but they do have an English version by request.


Puerto Rican food with southern charm, Spanglish is one of the Triangle's food-truck-to-brick-and-mortar success stories. At the Durham location across the street from City Hall, you can find delicious sandwiches, bowls, and empanadas. Look closely at those empanadas and you'll know you're in the right place.

Super Taqueria

Located in North Durham, Super Taqueria offers a mouth-watering selection of sopes, tacos, burritos, and gorditas, plus a loaded salsa bar. Pair your food with an agua fresca for a stellar meal.

Taqueria La Vaquita

Taqueria La Vaquita or "The Cow Store" as it is affectionately called, is well-known for the bovine statue that adorns its roof. But it's famous around these parts for its delicious Mexican cuisine and beverages.

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