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Mission & Objectives


Discover Durham is Durham's marketing agency. It is chartered as a tourism development authority by state and local governments to spearhead the proactive, strategic, visitor-centered economic and cultural development of Durham by reinvesting a portion of the visitor-paid room occupancy and tourism development tax in destination promotion and marketing. Discover Durham is accredited by the independent, Washington DC-based Destination Marketing Accreditation Program as meeting the highest standards and best practices of destination marketing.

Major Goal

To fuel the local business climate and broaden the local tax base by attracting and serving visitors as a means of bringing money into the community, generating personal income, jobs, and tax revenue by marketing and ensuring Durham as a destination.


Discover Durham is the heart, soul, and energy of Durham as a destination. It's the defender of Durham's image and brand and guardian of its unique sense of place.

Excerpts from Charter Legislation

General Assembly Session Laws 1985-969, 1991-665, 2001-480, 2002-36

...The Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau (DCVB), created on January 17, 1989 in an interlocal agreement between Durham County and the City of Durham to meet provisions of Chapter 969 of the 1985 Session Laws, shall act as a tourism development authority, which is a public authority under the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act.

...The Bureau may use the funds remitted to it under this subsection only to promote travel, tourism, and conventions in Durham County.

...Definitions:..."Promote travel, tourism, and conventions" means to advertise or market an area or activity, to publish and distribute pamphlets and other materials, to conduct market research, and to engage in similar promotional activities that attract tourists, business travelers, or conventioneers to the area, and also includes administrative expenses incurred in engaging in these activities.

Overarching Goals


  1. Target and attract visitors to Durham.
  2. Encourage visitors to spend (more) money in Durham.
  3. Ensure consistent brand messaging about Durham.
  4. Help make sure the product delivers on the promised experience.
  5. Secure adequate resources for the above efforts. 


Strategic Objectives

  1. Update and adapt the destination branding and positioning of Durham and develop a messaging platform that engages target audiences.
  2. Engage in conversation with elected officials about a long-term strategy for increasing public sector resources to further Discover Durham's mission.
  3. Identify a location for a visitor center and Discover Durham offices that will meet the needs of the everchanging visitor landscape.


Discover Durham
212 W Main St #101
Durham, NC 27701 USA
Phone: (919) 687-0288
Toll Free: (800) 446-8604