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Durham's Annual Tribute Luncheon 2014

Each year, Discover Durham hosts Durham's Annual Tribute Luncheon to honor individuals and groups who contribute to creating or preserving part of Durham's unique sense of place.

In 2014, Durham's Annual Tribute Luncheon celebrated Durham's unique sense of place.

Before Durham was known as a startup mecca - really before startup meccas were even a thing - a few visionaries created a startup of a different sort. These people saw a problem, conceived a solution, and brought it to life. In this case, it was an organization that would maximize return on investment in drawing visitors to Durham, all the while not costing Durham taxpayers a dime. They created a cultural and economic engine to put Durham in the national spotlight, to protect its assets, and to tell the Durham story.

In other words, they created the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Twenty-five years later, Discover Durham helps draw millions of visitors every year who collectively spend hundreds of millions of dollars, resulting in tens of millions in tax revenues for local governments. They do this year in and year out - and the numbers keep growing. Join us to celebrate the last quarter century of successes and the people who made them possible.

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