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Native American Flute and Meditation Workshops (Ages 16 & up)

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Have you always wanted to play an instrument? (Or, do you play and want to connect more with the music?) Learn to play in a natural way, the way music began, with wind, inspiration, breath. Take yourself back to a simpler time. Soothe your body with your breath. Soothe yourself and others with sound, a wind expression of your heart. Workshop starts with guided meditation, moves to learning about the flute, followed by another meditation and structured playing. The meditative atmosphere helps to quiet our minds allowing our creativity to be freely expressed Native Flutes will be available for you to use during the workshop. “Native Flute: Be the Music” is a series of four 2-hour workshops. While each workshop builds on the next, the workshops are designed to stand alone as well. A review lesson will be offered before the beginning of each workshop. Workshops can be taken in any order. However, if you are new to the Native American flute, we suggest you start with Workshop One. Watch for workshops 3 & 4 in the spring catalog. Erica Alexander, Instructor Workshop 2: Deepen your Musical Experience: Hear More, Play Authentically 18FA751.1 Review Lesson Sunday, December 9, 1:30 -2:30 $30 18FA751.2 Workshop Sunday, December 9, 2:30 - 4:30 $60

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