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Melodic Breathing Meditation & Sound Healing

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What if you could experience some of the benefits that meditation has to offer immediately, and in a single session? This is exactly what is offerred in this workshop: a tiny peak into what meditation is like. Through conscious breathing you can silence your mind and feel what it would be like if you cultivated a practice of meditation. Breathing guided by Theo Feaster with live music provided by Donovan Moran and Eddie Rubio. Take a melodic journey through diaphragmatic breathing that has been shown to combat anxiety and bolster the immune system.

Eddie Rubio, of Inner Space Journeys, brings a sound healing aspect to the mix. Inspired by ceremony, mediation, pranayama breathing, travel, hiking, interaction with nature, human connection, and indigenous cultures. Crafting singing bowls, tuning forks and native instruments with the intention is to bring about clarity, awareness, reflection, and relaxation. 7:30-8:45: Breathing meditation 8:45-9:00: Group discussion $10 suggested donation - at the door -

Downstairs at the Living Arts Collective, at the bottom at the ramp next to Cocoa Cinnamon. 

The Living Arts Collective - Cultivating Community through Conscious Living and Creative Movement A Community In Motion which celebrates diversity while providing a multi-creative incubator designed to foster artistic expression and cultural preservation by curating a safe hub for the exchanging of resources, practices and ideas to develop socially progressive strategies for conscious living and the reclaiming of our humanity. We host classes, workshops, socials and performances while providing a safe space for artists to create, rehearse, teach and share ideas. We also function as a hub for private events, organization meetings and community gatherings. Gallery of dance, art, music and creative expressions. Forms of Art that we and our community of artists practice include African dance, modern dance, partner dance (fusion, blues, salsa, bachata, zouk, kizomba, swing and more), ecstatic dance, contact improvisation, culinary arts, massage, yoga, martial arts, theatre and acroyoga.

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