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This seminar will provide an overview of finance and practical ways to help improve your personal and business finances. Learn how to increase your net worth, establish or enhance financial management skills, and advance your financial literacy which is the number way to improving your finances. This seminar is the first event of “The Wealth Series” which is intended to empower citizens, business owners, and corporations to advance their financial practices.

Finance Overview This seminar will give an overview of finance and describe ways to implement best financial practices along with ways to increase financial education.

Seminar Schedule: 10am- Introduction and explanation of what Financial Scope does along with an overview of finance & the role it plays in our personal life as well as business 1015am- Money Management- Insight into the money patterns of the poor, middle class, and wealthy people; Basic money management principles for business owners 1030am- Savings tactics and simple practical steps to consider 1045am- Retirement options and how average people have become millionaires 11am- Intersession 1115am- Daily Routines that improves financial literacy 1130am- Summary, Conclusion, and a practical guide to get you on a fast track for financial success

About the speaker: Tevin Smith, of the North Carolina financial empowerment firm called Financial Scope, has a strong background in finance and a passion with sharing knowledge to uplift and inspire others. Tevin offers amazing insight into how to better control your finances through simple applicable steps. Tevin is the founder of Financial Scope. He is an active researcher and organizer of financial education seminars. He is a traveler and is working on a new book, on the subject of finance and leadership, to be published by the end of this year. Currently, Tevin is working to create partnerships with community and other non-profit organizations to expand the knowledge of finance to those in search for it.

What they suggest you bring for this seminar: A strong desire to learn from an expert and gain knowledge that will propel you to higher heights in your financial world. Something to write with and paper if you so desire.

Parking: Free parking at location and some areas in the surroundings

 *Capacity is 400. Seats are filling up fast register now before event is sold out* THE PERSON WHO BRINGS THE MOST PEOPLE WITH THEM WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL EVENT GIFT FOR BRINGING OTHERS WITH THEM.

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