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Each Tuesday will operate on the same timeline, and each will have a special flavor: Space Opens 7 - Beginners Orientation and Open Space - Toni Craige will lead an informal mini-class/ orientation for those who are new to contact improvisation or want a refresher in the form. Others are welcome to come and warm up/socialize (as long as you are not interrupting the mini-class too much). 7:30 - Opening Circle into dancing. 9:15 - Closing Circle You are free to come and go as you please, but you will want to stay! This will be a spacious expanse of time.

Sliding scale $7-20. (Live music!!!) Quiet/focus in the space. Hang out in the lobby (feel free to bring snacks)! Informal 1:1 instruction for beginners during the open jam time is always available ( : * * * FLAVORS: July 17th 7-7:30 Beginner's Lesson will focus on: Expanding the use of your senses in CI. No music! (pricing is lower-- $7-10 d/t not paying musician). CI is traditionally practiced without music - we will focus on listening to weight, sensation, breath, impulse, and your partners! July 24th 7-7:30 Beginner's Lesson will focus on: Deepening relaxation for more connected and efficient movement. Live handpan music by Jeremy Lewis July 31st 7-7:30 Beginner's Lesson will focus on: TBD based on student interest. Live multi-instrument music by John Osburn * * * * John Osburn hears sound like a painter sees color, paying particular attention to the textures and shading of each element within his work. He not only listens to how his sounds thread in and out of each other, but also focuses on how they are affected by the space in which they resonate. Rather than creating music, Osburn focuses on creating a sound environment in which to immerse his audience. Sourcing from his eclectic background in Western music, African drumming, and Sonic Arts studies, Osburn creates a unique musical blend which floods out of his speakers in an evocative array of frequencies.

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