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Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais Class

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In the Durham Ballroom at the Living Arts Collective. Paul McAndrew of The Wellness Station presents Feldenkrais - classes emphasize learning to develop more refined movement patterns, designed to bring you more grace, flow, and power - in your dancing, athletics, and everyday activities like walking, turning, rock climbing, playing a musical instrument, and getting up and down off the floor. Rather than pushing to exceed, strain, and achieve, Feldenkrais engages the neuroplasticity of the brain to learn and re-learn how to move and function with more ease and efficiency. As sensorimotor function improves, we can enhance strength, comfort, suppleness, finesse, and the joy of movement Moshe Feldenkrais published his first work on neuromuscular learning in 1949, far ahead of medicine’s current acceptance of life-long neuroplasticity. From those early days, the Feldenkrais Method emphasized the brain’s natural ability to form new neural connections throughout life. This brain focus makes the Feldenkrais Method a uniquely effective movement-based approach to healthy development and aging. Feldenkrais can treat neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, relieve pain, promote confident balance, and boost athletic performance and overall well-being. The Feldenkrais Method uses customized “learning how to learn” lessons to increase and improve mobility, reducing tissue and joint strain. In contrast to traditional physical therapy and fitness, the Feldenkrais Method emphasizes sensorimotor function improvements to enhance strength, suppleness, and finesse. Rather than pushing to exceed, strain, and achieve, Feldenkrais engages people to learn how to more easily and efficiently function.

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