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Durham Retirement

Durham's culture of youthful vibrancy makes it especially welcoming to retiring newcomers. Affordable housing options include urban apartments, sleepy suburbs, historic mill villages, and farm houses with plenty of land so that your golden years can have the setting you always dreamed of.

Downtown Durham is easily enjoyed on foot, and walking trails and parks throughout the city make for a very pleasant afternoon in the springtime (or fall – that's the benefit of a mild climate). The parks and recreation department also runs a senior games program with everything from basketball and cheerleading to woodworking and quilting so you can stay active by keeping up old hobbies or finding new ones.

Senior Center Art Class

A Lifetime of Learning

The educational opportunities in town mean that it's easy to explore interest areas and find new ones. Duke, NC Central University, and Durham Tech's continuing education programs offer a wide range of classes and lecture programs as part of a lifetime of learning. More

Wayfinders at ATL

Giving Back & Getting Involved

Durham has many fulfilling volunteer opportunities that allow you to share your time and talents while getting involved in the community. More

Durham Medicine

City of Medicine

Durham is known as the City of Medicine, with some of the best doctors and surgeons in the world. Whether you need help addressing aches and pains or need more intensive care, Durham is the right place to be. More

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Hillcrest Convalescent Center

Family-owned, family-operated, and family-focused quality care facility.

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