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City of Medicine

Some may be familiar with Durham's start as a tobacco town or the popular nickname "Bull City," but today Durham is also referred to as the City of Medicine.

Durham's identity as a healthcare leader traces back to 1906, when Durham pharmacists Germain Bernard and C.T. Council developed BC Headache Powder. In the century that followed, healthcare has become Durham's largest employment cluster – nearly one in three people in Durham works in a health-related field, and more than 300 medical and health-related companies, medical practices, weight management centers, and pharmaceutical research organizations are located here, with a combined payroll exceeding $1.2 billion.

Today, Durham continues to earn its name as the City of Medicine because it has:

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Lenox Baker Children's Hospital

An outpatient department of the Duke University Hospital, the Lenox Baker Children's Hospital provides services for children with genetic, metabolic, endocrine, and neurodevelopmental disorders. It …

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Lincoln Community Health Center, Inc.

Dr. Aaron M. Moore established Lincoln Hospital as the first Durham hospital for African-Americans in 1901 on Proctor St. Now known as Lincoln Community Health Center, it is operated by Duke …

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