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  • 8200 Renaissance Pkwy
  • Renaissance Village
  • I-40 Exit 276
  • Durham, NC 27713
  • Primary: (919) 248-2992
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Located near the Streets at Southpoint, Rise has made a name for itself with unique and flavorful biscuits and donuts. Their offerings change daily, but include both savory and sweet, from fried chicken biscuits to maple bacon bars to Cheerwine-flavored donuts.

Rise has made such an impression that Food & Wine included the restaurant on a list of the best biscuits in the US. Tasting Table is also a fan, saying that they preferred a simple glazed doughnut and that "a chocolate-mousse version...is a worthy indulgence." Play area available for kids.

  • Business Hours: M-Su, 7am-2pm.
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