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Monuts Donuts

  • 1002 Ninth St
  • Ninth St District
  • Durham, NC 27702
  • Primary: (919) 286-2642
  • Alternate: (919) 449-6786
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Another of Durham's food scene that moved from a mobile operation to a brick-and-mortar location, Monuts started selling its craft donuts from a custom tricycle. Now their constantly changing flavors are available from their store on Ninth St., along with a menu of salads and sandwiches served on bagels and biscuits.

The donuts are handmade from local, seasonal ingredients and include flavors like pumpkin chai, maple bacon bourbon, and chocolate early grey. The New York Times called them "sublime."

  • Business Hours: Tu-Sa, 7am-4pm; Su, 8am-3pm.
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