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Elvis Costello & The Imposters with Charlie Sexton

It is with an air of the utmost delight that we, the purveyors of the finest musical tidings, announce the resplendent return of the esteemed maestro, Elvis Costello, and his illustrious coterie, The Imposters. Brace yourselves, for this transcendental ensemble shall be traversing some of America’s most verdant roads on their scintillating 7-0-7 Tour, an escapade destined to rhapsodize the senses and bewitch the heartstrings.

Like a phoenix reborn from the flames of creative fervor, Elvis Costello and The Imposters shall grace the stages of Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina, taking enraptured audiences on an odyssey commencing on the 8th of January, 2024, in the enchanting realm of Tallahassee, Florida and closes on February 2nd, near Cape Fear, North Carolina. Verily, as the sun ascends over the horizon, so shall this formidable troupe illuminate the musical firmament.

Ah, but let us not overlook the accompanists of our esteemed troubadour! The Imposters, those cunning artisans of harmony and rhythm —namely, Steve Nieve, Pete Thomas, and Davey Faragher—shall once again pledge their musical virtuosity, their souls and strings and keys, to this endeavor. And lo and behold, the brilliant guitarist Charlie Sexton shall join this musical fellowship, bestowing a luminous brilliance akin to stars strung across the heavens.

Mr. Costello and his Imposters, those alchemists of auditory enchantment, shall sate the thirst for musical marvels with Mr. Costello’s unparalleled compositions and their electrifying performances.

Remember that this is not just a concert—it is a communion of amorous spirits, an odyssey of pure, unadulterated elation.