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Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings


3520 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 973-5693
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Photo of Mika Davis Mika Davis
Jul 20, 2019 5

Love the chicken club. But check your order before you leave they are so busy socializing they get my order wrong everytime. The last time I went I ordered a chicken sandwich, I got barbecued wings. I think the words sandwich and wings don't sound anything alike

Photo of Natalie Williams Natalie Williams
Aug 19, 2019 4

The food and service was good. But the floor was slicky in the bathroom and and the dining area.

Photo of Sharon Smith Sharon Smith
Sep 25, 2019 4

Chicken salad meal for $6.98 includes sandwich, crinkle fries, and 22oz drink. Sandwich was good, medium-sized sandwich on real toasted bread (not a contact toaster) with tomato slices. Plenty of fries, though somewhat salty. Freestyle Coke machine.

Photo of Fonz Threlkeld Fonz Threlkeld
Oct 30, 2019 5

They're very friendly & nice. I love the red curry chicken with extra rice. I also always get the Thai tea without the bubble. The red curry chicken taste even better the next day when the favors had set into the rice. So far, I will continue going, because I love the favors in their food.Bummer that this place wasn't a hit for us. Our search will have to continue for good Hawaiian BBQ.

Photo of Fred Bowen Fred Bowen
Oct 29, 2019 3

If you like your food hot and fresh, better go somewhere else. The only reason they got three stars was because the service was good.

Photo of silas talbert silas talbert
Jan 18, 2020 5

I went to order through the drive thru and I forgot to add something so when I got up to window I told them what i forgot the smiled and said that’s okay and added the item to my order food came out and fast and hot great food and a service!

Photo of Jacob Hudgins Jacob Hudgins
Feb 10, 2020 5

Great service. Food always comes out on time. I could drink zax sauce. Do not get lost in the sauce tho. Fire food. Top notch quality

Photo of Stephanie Black Stephanie Black
Feb 11, 2020 4

Food was good and fresh but employee who took my order never said hi how are you ? Or thank you or have a good day . She said dine in or to go that was it. Guess she doesn't like her job!!!

Photo of Kenneth Mccurley Kenneth Mccurley
May 2, 2020 5

Great service during this corona virius deal the 20 chicken fingers off the chain great fries fresh nice staff ten stars GREAT

Photo of Tom Lacetera Tom Lacetera
Jun 23, 2020 5

The food was good but the chicken had way too much sauce on it for me. It was swimming in it. Next time I will have to ask for less.

Photo of Stephen Turner Stephen Turner
Jul 17, 2020 3

Food was okay. Kind of greasy but sauce was tasty on chicken. Line moves a little slow. It's ok just average

Photo of Ralph Moxley Ralph Moxley
Sep 25, 2018 5

One of my favorite places to eat. I typically get a takeout. I did the same this time I got an order of the chicken wings of course meal. With celery toast and fries. Finally arrived home in Hillsborough coming from Kinston and I was very hungry since our breakfast at Kinston. The mail was a delight as usual I really enjoy that particular meal. Chris drove the truck and he made a trip over to Krispy Kremes well I made a trip over to Zaxby's. I didn't realize the Zaxby's was that close until I looked up and was very happy to know that I had an entree before the donuts.

Photo of Tina Burritt Tina Burritt
Sep 18, 2020 5

Great service

Photo of Jonathan Higgins Jonathan Higgins
Sep 30, 2020 5

Great southern food, ok atmosphere. The white cheddar cheese bites are bit pricy but worth it.

Photo of Samantha Watts Samantha Watts
Oct 13, 2020 5

Best zaxbys ever! Go there ASAP great food

Photo of tony dail tony dail
Oct 21, 2020 3

Friendly staff and fair prices. Food taste like real chicken. Not like the press meat at Chick a fillet.

Photo of Kearia Swinnie Kearia Swinnie
Oct 19, 2020 4

I’ve came once and they gave me great vibes , like chik fil a vibes really sweet and greated me and made my order exactly how I asked will come again

Photo of Mack Snell Mack Snell
Nov 5, 2020 5

Great cob salad. Clean inside and excellent service

Photo of Onora Fields Onora Fields
Nov 11, 2020 5

Thank you for providing me superb customer service on this here Veterans Day!! The food was hot & delicious by the way!

Photo of One Two One Two
Nov 29, 2020 5

First time eating at Zaxbys and I was really impressed. Everything was delicious. 😋 Employees were friendly and food came fast.

Photo of Tia Compton Tia Compton
Dec 8, 2020 4

Food tastes good but small chicken tenders and they forget your sauces a lot but nice and friendly people!

Photo of Nichole Rensel Nichole Rensel
Feb 13, 2019 5

My coworker and I come in for lunch from time to time. We've never had any bad experiences. The food is always good, but the staff and management are exceptional! Thank you guys for a good lunch!

Photo of jennifer young jennifer young
Mar 16, 2019 5

The food was delicious. The cashier and employees were incredibly kind and helpful. I wish all places had great employees like these. Triston this one's for you!!

Photo of Keshi Satterwhite Keshi Satterwhite
Jul 1, 2019 4

I placed a catering order and it was cooked to order. The food was delicious but the loud talking employees standing in front of the main entrance on break was not appealing.