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The Glass Jug Beer Lab


5410 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 813-0135
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Photo of Jim Secker Jim Secker
Jul 31, 2023 5

I was in Durham for a work trip and stopped by the Glass Jug Beer Lab RTP. As a guy who appreciates beer, this is a cool place. They brew their own beer, and you can also purchase a unique selection of beer in the store. I really enjoyed their Vienna Lager.

Photo of Bill Jirles Bill Jirles
Jul 8, 2023 3

Good place to have a drink. Nice back outdoor area. Sometimes they have a band (although getting some that are younger would be great:) or food trucks. The selection of beer is often lacking. The main reason why it loses 2 stars is the bartenders really aren't too friendly. And they want tips for pouring a beer w/an attitude? Hmmm.

Photo of Chance Chance
Jun 25, 2023 5

Update: I’m actually really glad to hear the owner’s very reasonable explanation. It is true that we did arrive about 10 minutes before noon. I’ll repeat though that I have nothing against kids and I don’t even have anything against well-behaved kids coming to a brewery with their parents *in reasonable numbers*. Being unaware that you were making a rare exception for a longtime neighbor, and having sadly seen this kind of transformation happen to other drinking establishments, hopefully you can understand my initial dismay. I’m looking forward to visiting again soon. ***We used to visit this place frequently, especially in the warmer months, nearly every weekend. We loved it for their great rotating beer selection, expansive and pleasant outside beer garden, diversity of clientele, and overall relaxed vibe. We moved further away though and don’t get to visit as frequently. But the drive from south Raleigh is totally worth it, or at least it was. Yesterday (6.24.23) we made the trip for the first time since last fall. Unfortunately, when we arrived to the beer garden we stood there in stunned silence for a moment and then turned around and headed back home. It was swarming with screaming little kids and there was even, I swear to God, a freaking bounce house back there. At a brewery! There were balloons and stuff too so I guess there was also a child’s birthday party going on. I cannot express my disappointment enough that this favorite place has turned into Chuck E Cheese. Don’t get me wrong, I adore children. I think it’s a hoot to watch kids play and to talk to them. But when I go to a bar or brewery, I am NOT there to hang out at a playground and neither is anybody else. I mean, a couple of well behaved kids accompanying their parents is to be expected and not annoying at all. But to throw a damn kids party??? With a freaking bounce house??? I do not understand why parents insist on ruining every single establishment, even ones specifically intended for adults. This brewery does not serve food and they do not serve milk, juice, and sodas. I also don’t understand why more adult-focused businesses don’t stand up for their adult clients. Well, yes I do. It’s the power of the almighty dollar. But they can do it without harming their business. Ponysaurus has a sign specifically saying that their establishment is not for children. Yay them!

Photo of Noelia Bautista Noelia Bautista
Apr 7, 2023 4

I like the beers and the spot! But some kind of "welcome" would be nice because nobody explains the concept, as if it were an obligation to know how it works, especially when it's your first time but of course the tip is good! In spite of that we had a good time. In my opinion the music is too low in the patio because it's an open area and it's a shame because they play good music!

Photo of JG365 JG365
Apr 2, 2023 5

Great selection, go crazy trying to find that one exotic beer that will complete your beer quest. Nice atmosphere, very relaxed neighborhood vibe. The regularly have food trucks out back, chill and listen to some local music in the beer garden.

Photo of Manisit Manisit
Jan 21, 2023 5

Great place to hang out, sip on a craft brew, shop for beers, ciders, and mead, and take it back home with you. The staff is friendly and very courteous. I always loved this place! They also carry some non-alcoholic brews.

Photo of C D C D
Nov 5, 2022 5

Great brewery/bottle shop. Excellent brews on tap, laid back and friendly atmosphere. The selection they have to take home is one of the best I've seen in the Triangle and by far the best pricing. I'll be spending more money here than I will probably care to admit to in this review. Cheers guys, this is a great spot. Well done.