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The Tavern


1900 W Markham Ave
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-7665
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Photo of James Gruber James Gruber
Jun 23, 2019 5

This place just got some new games including a line up of pinball tables and a new sound system. Go check it out!

Photo of Iliana Hidalgo Iliana Hidalgo
Jun 30, 2019 5

Still my go to bar after so many years all my friends are usually there cool vibes

Photo of James Perry James Perry
Jun 17, 2019 5

An All out sports bar and nice place for entertainment and a Great DJ that plays all the Jams for the Right crowd.

Photo of Greg Grissom Greg Grissom
Jun 17, 2019 4

Arcade games are cool, especially the hunting one (check out its Zombie Mode!). Pool table, darts, and live sports are a nice bonus.

Photo of Robby Crownover Robby Crownover
May 30, 2019 4

Good bar with a great food selection near Duke's eat campus. The late evening crowd is boisterous, and can be a bit busy and noisy for us old folks, but is a plus for most people under 40.

Photo of Kathy Umphlett Kathy Umphlett
Apr 14, 2019 5

Had a great day here celebrating a friends birthday. Beer was nice and cold. Bartender very attentive. Nice pool tables and updated pinball machines, which are hard to find. Loved it!

Photo of A S A S
Oct 31, 2021 5

Good food. Nice chill spot. 😌

Photo of Russell Jalbert Russell Jalbert
Apr 9, 2022 4

Don't judge bar by its cover! Got a great burger and service from Luke. Quick service and a great value

Photo of Tiffany Mitchell Tiffany Mitchell
Jan 7, 2022 5

Went on a Thursday. Wasn't crowded. Had a nice experience. Served food as well. Two pool tables downstairs. Upstairs are a foosball table and an air hockey table, both require quarters to play.

Photo of Miorany Arzon Miorany Arzon
Feb 4, 2022 5

Went with friends and played pool amd darts it was very fun! For pool you have to pay for the balls at the bar one time and play as long as you want. For the darts you van play for free and there are other fames around too ☺ very fun

Photo of John Thomas Kong John Thomas Kong
Sep 29, 2021 5

This unassuming bar with a rather pedestrian facade has hands down the best burgers in Durham. Walking in, the restaurant area was empty but the bar was packed. Our initial thought was this is a bar with a few tables and chairs but luckily we were wrong. The bartender greeted us and proceeded to rattle off all the beers on draft. He was amiable and helpful. We decided to keep it simple with bacon cheese fries and build our own burgers. The fries were hot, gooey, and full of real bacon goodness. The burgers were cooked to order, juicy, and topped with our choice of toppings. The beers were cold and they kept coming. The Tavern is a simple, no frills restaurant and bar but the service and food are incomparable. Definitely treat yourself to dinner at The Tavern. We plan to go back for game day. 🏈🦃🐺

Photo of Jason Bischoff Jason Bischoff
Feb 16, 2022 5

Great place to have a drink and watch a game with friends. Enjoyed the food as well!

Photo of Kristin Martin Kristin Martin
Jan 10, 2021 5

The games are fun, the outdoor area is nice and toasty-and under cover! Our bartender was lovely. Will definitely visit again.

Photo of Maddie Adams Maddie Adams
Jan 13, 2021 5

Best burgers in Durham at this hidden gem. We ate outside and the cook came outside and asked how everything was. Service was great and everything came out super quick. Highly recommend!

Photo of Steven Cielo Steven Cielo
Dec 23, 2020 5

They told me the fish sandwich is amazing there. The service was excellent and the patrons are my kind of people. Thumbs up 100%

Photo of Nate Holloway Nate Holloway
Nov 18, 2020 5

Can get busy at times, but still is a great place to chill out. Love it

Photo of Kay Sommers Kay Sommers
Nov 7, 2020 4

After moving back home a few weeks ago and finding that the local pubs here are closing at 11 and drinking alcohol is prohibited indoors, then it's all about what stands out to you about a place. We went down to the Tavern, last weekend and it seemed to be pretty cool place, classic guitar case above the bar caught my immediate attention. Of course we didn't spend a lot of time inside, the staff was perky and very attentive, the aroma from the kitchen was battling with the aroma from the wing stand across the street, I really wanted to get on the pool table with that gorgeous blue topping but the tables were taken when I got there. Later, the huge door guy did catch me taking a couple of sips inside the bar, but he was really really cool about it and asked me to please take the drink outside, he's lucky he was cute. So this did place made a difference amidst the monotony oh, and not a bad crowd either so tonight we just may go down to the Tavern again. Thanks guys!!

Photo of Sunny D Sunny D
Nov 7, 2020 5

A place that easily could become your favorite watering hole. Mixed, friendly clientele, extremely pleasant staff. Has a whiff of a dive bar without the fights in the parking lot. Good collection of bar games (pinball, shooters, etc). Two pool tables with new felt. Not quite as booze driven as "The Green Room", but do try their "Green Tea Shots".

Photo of Jornelle Hill Jornelle Hill
Oct 17, 2020 4

Friendly atmosphere. Their chips were awesome

Photo of Traci Mitchell Traci Mitchell
Mar 16, 2018 5

This place has the best nachos I have ever tasted!

Aug 18, 2020 5

I enjoyed this night with the Love of My Life

Photo of Wayne Claiborne Wayne Claiborne
Aug 14, 2020 5

My first time going there today but I do know that was a frequent spot of my late friend Antwanette Jacobs. I'm sure she's had some memorable nights there. It looks like a fun spot to hang out.

Photo of Stephany Perry Stephany Perry
Feb 19, 2020 5

Great local presence, awesome karaoke on Thursday Nites w DJ Steph, great food, awesome staff!!

Photo of Josh Fry Josh Fry
Feb 16, 2020 5

Great atmosphere and great bartender's

Photo of mark timme mark timme
Feb 9, 2020 5

Great place, loved the burger and the fresh cooked pork skins. Still poping with goodness when served

Photo of Hannah  Wolfe Hannah Wolfe
Feb 20, 2020 4

Great night. Band wasn't hitting on much and didn't seem to play long. Server was on top of her game! Thank you Adaselli (hope I didn't kill the spelling)

Photo of Michelle Corkum Michelle Corkum
Jan 18, 2020 5

Tennessee, the bartender, is amazing!! Good food, fast & friendly service. Love this spot!

Photo of Gilberto Alicea Gilberto Alicea
Jan 18, 2020 4

Nice ambiance they way they have it set-up with pool tables, arcade, and booths with tv monitors on the ground floor and steel dart boards at top level with plenty of light. Downside that one of the tables had 2-rips in it that should be fixed. Different types of craft beers on tap and they do serve food. Tried ordering the gyros sandwich but never heard of ground beef added to the lamb meat EVER. Didn't get her name but short manager was very friendly. Will come back.

Photo of Kaitlyn Ross Kaitlyn Ross
Jan 20, 2020 5

Happy Happy Monday!! I don't really leave reviews I guess that's why I almost forgot. I wanted to give a review on this place because we went to a few other places that were, okay, but we ended our night at the tavern. We hit a few bars last week, a group of friends and myself and someone told us about the tavern. It wasn't too far from where we were so we took an uber over. I believe this was Thursday night, when we got there karaoke was in full swing, the place was pretty packed and the kitchen had this Heavenly aroma wafting from it and I just knew I was going to get some chicken wings. The neon lights hanging all around , with the extra game room upstairs in the back, the set up just opened the place up the further you walked in. The bartenders seemed pretty cool, we didn't have to wait too long for our drinks, the chicken wings turned out to be some of the best I've ever had while at a bar and we washed them down with some good drinks they had on special. Oh and a big hi to Dino, who handled a situation for us, quickly. He's got some dance moves too. All in all I had a really great time, I'm not from the area but I'll be back whenever I am. Chow!!

Photo of Justin Gorney Justin Gorney
Dec 8, 2019 4

Had a really delicious Big Tex burger. Good atmosphere for a sports bar.

Photo of AllAround JayJay AllAround JayJay
Oct 21, 2019 5

I love the staff. Tennessee and Kitty are wonderful. Good prices on beers. Pool tables, video games, darts and air hockey. Also have a modern jukebox. Love the wings. Burgers are huge. And they also have a stage area. Outside seating. Parking is decent. Perfect place to drink and chill.

Photo of Justin Tugwell Justin Tugwell
Sep 5, 2019 4

My favorite bar to go to in Durham. Jason is my favorite bartender. Most of the staff is friendly. Most of the food is good. Lots of good people hang out here

Photo of Gloria Chou Gloria Chou
Jul 17, 2019 5

Great spot for watching sports, and spending your Tuesday nights. Pretty strict on not sitting on the pool tables but the pitchers and drink deals are unbeatable. Definitely check out the castle for darts and other games. Glad they stepped up the amount of games. Don't underestimate the dance either. make sure to say hi to Dave. He's the man.

Photo of Gotta Pea Gotta Pea
Aug 7, 2019 5

Went last night with friends had a great time. The door guy, D, was very tall, friendly and cute and made us feel very welcome, nice open and airy floor, two levels and a dance floor, the bar is a little tight, bartenders seemed cool. They keep a constant upkeep with sweeping and empty glasses. SKEET BALL!! Showed up a little too late for the kitchen, it closes kind of early I guess. I would definately recommend the Tavern to family and friends!!

Photo of Jennifer Carter Jennifer Carter
Sep 6, 2019 4

Great food and beer. Staff friendly and helpful. They have a nice outside covered patio which wad great for an evening out

Photo of Vivian Voss Vivian Voss
Sep 16, 2019 5

Love coming here to watch the Browns play! We joined the fan group and hope to be there for every game. They have several TV’s, a huge projector, some skew ball, pinball, darts, pool (billiards), and a few other games I don’t recall the name of. There’s something for everyone. Great food, amazing alcohol, and the prices are perfectly set. The staff is fun and friendly. If you don’t have a good time here, it’s your own fault!

Photo of Sally Price Sally Price
May 18, 2022 5

Mary was bartending and was so gracious and on top of everything we needed. My guy ordered the barbecue. We actually drove 20 minutes because he was craving this barbecue at this place. The cook was friendly and i heard that he smokes the meat himself!! Very down home feel, like just being part of the Durham landscape. We played pool too which was fun. And even tho I didn't get barbque, my grilled chicken with cheese and veggies really hit the spot as did the margaritas Mary made me with her own special creative splash of a lil something different! Def will be back!

Photo of Your Art Teacher Your Art Teacher
May 14, 2022 5

Great food, cheap well maintained pool tables. Great place to watch the game with friends.

Photo of Chris Snipes Chris Snipes
Jun 11, 2022 5

Amazing service. And the salads are amazing. Great atmosphere.

Photo of Richard Hopkins Richard Hopkins
Jul 14, 2022 5

Excellent local place. Environment 8s friendly and the place is clean. Drink specials and bar food. The owner is an awesome guy. Come check the place out.

Photo of Michael Mier Michael Mier
Jul 20, 2022 5

The Tavern has 20 TVs (not all of which are tuned to sports), 5 dart boards, 2 foosball tables & 2 pinball machines (Star Trek & The Munsters). Also, the bartenders are very accommodating. And they serve food! And they have a nice-sized aquarium with lotsa fish.

Photo of Kenneth Kreider Kenneth Kreider
Jun 10, 2022 5

First time there met a lot of great people will be back

Photo of Ray Barnes Ray Barnes
Aug 31, 2022 5