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Simon Says Dip This


117 W Parrish St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (984) 888-5070
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Photo of Kelley Harrell Kelley Harrell
Jan 25, 2023 3

The novelty of dipped ice cream is fun, though it's just super sweet with minimal flavor. The service was great and the store was very clean. Gluten free options are clearly marked.

Photo of Katie Foxx Katie Foxx
Aug 13, 2022 4

Really neat idea. Fun to try the many different combinations you can get. The only reason not a 5 star is the soft serve is just generic. Would come back for the novelty of it, but not the place if you are looking for just good ice cream by itself.

Photo of Nick Leachman Nick Leachman
Aug 12, 2022 4

great ice cream in downtown durham (and open late too) … Would say for my taste, the vanilla ice cream custard is very rich. I opted for the child size and found this was even a bit much. Loved the dip and topping options available. Would recommend!

Photo of Adrienne Tegreeny Adrienne Tegreeny
Aug 10, 2022 3

The place is super cute and the concept is awesome, but the custard base is definitely going to be a divisive part of the experience. We found it much too thick and my friend couldn't finish hers. I did but regretted it 😅 We both got regulars and the portion was huge; I can't even imagine getting the large! I wouldn't seek it out again, but if someone else wanted to go I'd give it another try. The employees are friendly and efficient at their jobs so the line moves quick.

Photo of Kimberly Hersey Kimberly Hersey
Aug 4, 2022 5

We’ve visited twice now and enjoyed both outings immensely! I’m not really a huge fan of dipped soft serve, but there’s enough variety/combinations to keep me happy. The theming and aesthetic are on point, the service is excellent, and the flavors are awesome.

Photo of Anastasia Belikov Anastasia Belikov
Jul 19, 2022 5

Their ice cream vanilla base is so different than any other ice cream I've tasted. But the dipped ice cream, and the genius to add a core, is a site to behold, and amazing to taste. It is very rich tasting, so I suggest splitting it with someone. It's hard to go back to regular ice cream after eating this, and the urge to get ice cream every time I drive by is really real.

Photo of HH Jaimes HH Jaimes
Jun 20, 2022 5

Went here around 3 weeks ago. They only have vanilla so that’s a minus. But these other things that I will mention compensate. They have 3 nice swings you can chill on while you wait, and they have some nice padding on the wall behind so you won’t get hurt. They have many toppings, dips, and cores. The place is nice and I enjoyed going here with my family. Service is also good.

Photo of Justin Phillips Justin Phillips
Jun 12, 2022 5

This place is so good! I come back pretty much weekly, try a different flavor every time, and I'm blown away EVERY TIME! Highly recommend.

Photo of Sharice F.C. Sharice F.C.
May 29, 2022 5

1st Timer Alert! and it won't be the last! My taste buds were happy. Staff was friendly and show patience especially since we were new to the shop. This is all I will type so that I won't spoil the awesomeness for other newbies. SEE YOU SOON SIMONS CREW!

Photo of Susan Mowery Susan Mowery
May 28, 2022 5

I love this place, I'm guilty of going there once a week, it's a gift I give myself weekly. My absolute favorite is a round ice cream sandwich dipped in pistachio, then rolled in whole pistachios. The sandwich is wonderful and the service is great, if you want a real treat that's my recommendation. I actually buy 2 and freeze the second one for a treat during the week. Enjoy and don't forget to tip!

Photo of Dana Spector Dana Spector
May 15, 2022 4

Pretty good! Great service and taste. I was in city center to meet with relatives and encountered this place with both a long line (good sign) en route to the (temporarily closed) parlor.

Photo of J B J B
Apr 27, 2022 4

I got the vanilla, peanut butter core with raspberry dip. I liked it , but for me …. And take it for what it’s worth… the raspberry was maybe too much raspberry for me. It’s not a negative… it was just to much raspberry for me and next time I think I’m going to flip it. Maybe if I got less dip covering it would have been the right ratio. The decor was great with the posters and indoor swings

Photo of Jenette Arreola Jenette Arreola
Apr 12, 2022 5

I highly recommend you try the ice cream and toppings at this location! I enjoyed every bite of my selection- vanilla topped with peanut butter drizzle and M&Ms! 😋 Such a large serving for an affordable price! I will be back for more! 😈

Photo of Josh Cox Josh Cox
Mar 28, 2022 5

Was looking for a place open later to get ice cream downtown. We wound up here, and we were definitely happy we did. Ice cream was really good, and there are so many options for dips and toppings. Met the owner who was super nice. Will definitely be back!

Photo of Audrey Simons Audrey Simons
Mar 24, 2022 5

We love ice cream and cookies and sharing our passion with you! Dip your ice cream in 24 different chocolates, add toppings and a core and create your own dessert adventure. Stuffed cookies and freeze dried candies, too. So incredibly grateful to be a part of the Durham food scene and the welcoming community it creates.

Photo of Melissa Urch Melissa Urch
Feb 28, 2022 4

Went here for the first time with my fiance the other night. We were super excited and loved all of the options, but weren't too thrilled with what we ended up getting. I love vanilla custard so I was surprised that their vanilla custard lacked flavor. Once you eat all of the shell/dip & toppings there isn't a lot of flavor left to enjoy. It is totally worth checking out because the place is super fun and the options are endless. We do plan to go back again!