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RDU International Airport


John Brantley Blvd
Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: (919) 840-2123
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Photo of Titus Norman Titus Norman
Feb 2, 2023 5

This airport is great! I’ve flown in and out for several years and have never been disappointed. Terminal 2 is probably the cleanest terminal I’ve ever been in. The parking can get a little hairy, last time I had to walk over half a mile to the terminal, so I would suggest booking parking ahead of time. Beautifully decorated for Christmas!

Photo of Cece B Cece B
Aug 26, 2022 5

Today the lines were beyond long, but the airport staff got passengers through without issue. They had a well thought out plan. I was very impressed at how quickly things went. I thought I was going to miss my flight because the line was outside the terminal area all the way to the end of the airport. It only took 20 minutes for me to get through and I still had time to spare. Staff were friendly and attentive.

Photo of Michael Encinosa Michael Encinosa
Aug 12, 2022 4

Flew into Raleigh from Tampa, the airport is nicely laid out very clean and orderly. Security and other employees were very kind. And I didn't take too long to wait for baggage. All together seems like a pretty good airport.

Photo of Noah Noah
Aug 1, 2022 5

2022 rating: been using this airport for 30 years, and it has definitely improved in the last decade, A LOT. The terminal improvements made in the late 2010s were a huge modernization move. The soaring wood beams that form the upper arc of the main terminal’s frame are just gorgeous. Truly an engineering marvel. There’s nothing impressive about the tech, but security is incredibly efficient and located just steps from the front doors. If you aren’t using TSA precheck at this point… honestly what are you doing? It’s so easy. Get it. Makes it so you can literally arrive 5 mins before boarding and you’re still fine. No other airport is so efficient; in my experience. It can be a hike to some of the farther gates, but noting unreasonable. The shops and restaurants are absolutely nothing special, just avoid them unless you really need something last minute. For parking: it’s almost always cheaper to Uber/Lyft to the airport so just keep that in mind. It sort of boggles me that anyone is still parking. But there is plenty of it at this airport and it’s not too challenging to navigate… it’s just HUGE. So you’ll find it takes longer to get from your car to the terminal than from the terminal door to your plane! Fun. When finished parking, pay at the kiosks installed near the access walkway to the terminal. If you don’t, the automatic gate won’t let you out when you go to leave. (It requires the paid ticket to open) Happy travels!

Photo of Exile Aviation Exile Aviation
Jul 24, 2022 5

Love the close airport, and book all of my flights through here. I also love the great and fast TSA experience. Check in was fast, and easy plus the same at the gate. All staff are friendly, and love to help.

Photo of RJ Ryan RJ Ryan
May 10, 2022 4

I was in the Southwest terminal. It's rather small, but spacious and clean. Going through security was quick and easy. The only reason I deducted one star was because of Starbucks. I was really looking forward to specifically their coffee while I had a long wait for my flight. There was an employee there, and he told me they were not opening because of being short staffed. He was very polite, and I understood that he couldn't sell me anything, but I was still very disappointed.

Photo of CariAnn Watson CariAnn Watson
Mar 29, 2022 5

I live close by, so the convenience of this airport is amazing. It’s easy to get to, easy to get through, clean and no overwhelming. I’ve had to run through my fair share of airports, but this one is a piece of cake. Plenty of parking on site or access the park and fly just down the street. It’s a great place to come and go from. (And pre-pandemic I did that a lot) Keep in mind the 2 terminals 1 for Southwest flights 2 for all others Makes it pretty easy