RDU International Airport


2400 John Brantley Blvd
Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: (919) 840-2123
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RDU International Airport

Google Reviews

Photo of B Johnson B Johnson
Aug 12, 2019 4

Overall, it's a decent airport. It's been pretty easy to get in and out of and we've lived outside of several major cities. So far I've only used Southwest to travel and that part of the airport seems to run smoothly. They could definitely do a better job when it comes to signage while driving to the various terminals. It's old and tired looking . Signage needs to stand out better than it currently does.

Photo of Eric San Jose Eric San Jose
Aug 13, 2019 5

Clean facilities with a wheelchair accessible entrance. Dog security roaming the passengers in the morning so you don't have to take your shoes off. Security staff said to us, "We Love You!" That's how to treat people. Modern looking Terminals. We will definitely be going back!!!!

Photo of Scott Allen Scott Allen
Jul 23, 2019 3

No healthy places to eat. Bathrooms are clean. Water fountains have not been upgraded to accept water bottles. No AC from concourse to plane. The poor workers have to be in those steel plane ramps in this heat. Be prepared to sweat. I am considering moving just to be closer to a bigger and nicer airport.

Photo of Yasamin Pour Yasamin Pour
Jul 1, 2019 5

I've been working at this company for almost two years now and am constantly blown away by the amount of endless growth opportunity there is for everyone. They make sure you feel at home from your very first day. The people here quickly became like family to me and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else!

Photo of Brian Park Brian Park
Aug 12, 2019 5

Although, it may be a little confusing to navigate between the terminals at times, it's overall a very nice airport. Staff are always helpful. Plenty of places to eat as well~ As an active duty service member, it's always great to see a well kept USO.

Photo of Calvin Do Calvin Do
May 22, 2019 4

Clean airport with fairly straightforward terminals (mostly forward or backward). The gate areas seem to have less outlets than most other airports. Security check is a little bizarre as some usually checked things are not checked. Food shops are expensive per usual. Bathrooms are fairly well maintained. Overall is a fairly simple and nice airport to fly in and out of.

Photo of Ömer’in Maceraları Ömer’in Maceraları
Jun 3, 2019 5

This is very nice airport in NC. One thing that you need to be careful is that there are radar set up close by to the airport! Please be careful when driving to the airport. Other than that many flight available national and international.

Photo of Brad Carey Brad Carey
May 9, 2019 5

I like RDU a lot, which is great considering it's my home airport. Traffic to and from is never difficult, the parking works well (although I usually use Fast Park), the terminals are spacious and modern, there are lots of food choices for a small airport (terminal 2, at least), security is never long, the bag claim works sufficiently, the weather is usually decent which keeps flights moving, it's clean. I can't find any negatives.

Photo of Ann Cantando Ann Cantando
May 23, 2019 2

I had a six or seven hour layover at this airport. I require special assistance in the form of a wheelchair. Most of the time this service was too notch. However, I decided to have lunch in one of your restaurants. When I was done, I asked an employee to call for someone to assist me to the gate. No one one showed for an hour and at that point the manager got involved. They each called at least twice. I waited three hours. The manager then spotted an airport wheelchair sitting outside of the restaurant. He took it and helped me get to my gate. I commend him for this. I do not commend airport staff who made me wait three hours in terrible pain as the restaurant chairs were very hard. If it matters, I was flying Frontier. I hope no on else has to go through this.

Photo of Erica Morris Erica Morris
Jun 8, 2019 4

A nice, small, modern airport with enough amenities to make the time pass by. My only complaint was the WiFi, which had a very weak signal and sometimes couldn’t connect. All airport staff was very nice, and I’d certainly fly though here again.