8200 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 572-9638
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Photo of jessica rojas jessica rojas
Jun 3, 2019 5

Every time I come in this store the employees are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They are ready to help you and give you advice. They take their time with you and ensure you have everything you could possibly need. Would recommend

Photo of Victoria Thornton Victoria Thornton
Jun 1, 2019 5

Went to get new toys for our dog. They had a good selection at 50% off! This particular location didn't have a Self Service bath which is a great feature at the PetCo we usually go to at South Square

Photo of Termira Cyril Termira Cyril
May 25, 2019 3

Groomers did a okay job with Ginger but were not upfront about the cost of her appointment. Here’s my take on the good and bad: Good: Satisfied with the cut overall. Clean establishment. Someone sent a friendly text message to help in rescheduling our appointment that we initially missed. Bad: Not upfront about pricing. Team seemed to lack customer service experience and the ability to empathize with my concern. This was Ginger’s first time here and the groomers were aware of this, yet I still wasn’t informed that I would be charged an additional total of $20 for the small patch of matted hair around her collar and the length of her medium hair. This was a huge jump from the $41 the app informed me I’d pay for the services I wanted. The manager agreed to remove the charge yet he seemed to uncomfortable and stressed trying to handle my concern while the women seemed defensive and unconcerned about her failure to communicate. To first time customers, I suggest PetSmart, specifically Beaver Creek, for grooming. They are upfront about the costs and explain what their services cover. There costs are cohesive, no surprises, and you will not be charged for minor patches of matted hair on top of your grooming service. Overall, customer service here needs support.

Photo of Steven White Steven White
Apr 21, 2019 5

Friendly service for your companion! They even have a knowledgeable veterinarian available during certain hours! Reptiles, Beta fish and ferrets available!

Photo of sk8erboi55789 sk8erboi55789
Apr 1, 2019 5

I usually go in for frozen thawed rats and mice for my snakes. They always have what I need. They will normally let me know when certain deals are going on so I can get extra supplies or feeders.

Photo of Garner Overton Garner Overton
Jun 21, 2019 5

This Petco is very convenient and always clean, but what makes it stand out from other Petco locations is how kind and helpful the staff are. One of the staff helped me pick out a harness for my dog based on our needs, took it out of the packing, fit it on my dog properly, and showed me how to best use it in their dog-training area. They really go above and beyond!

Photo of Mudit Patel Mudit Patel
Jun 25, 2019 5

I came in on June 25th and bought a Betta fish. The gentleman helping me (don't know his name, white guy with beard) helped me and even gave me some Java moss for my fish tank! Best Petco I've been to in a while!

Photo of finixtree Yu finixtree Yu
Jun 18, 2019 4

My four star rating is only for Perco. The petco is great, staff are very nice and friendly. But the new open affordable vet Thrive sucks. Maybe they have good vets, but the reception and the vet we met, oh my god, worst experience ever. I will never walk my dog into that practice again.

Photo of Sean Reynolds Sean Reynolds
Jul 14, 2019 5

Haley at the front desk, Dr.Harris and her assistant Sheri, were all EXCELLENT! Such a breath of fresh air after leaving banfield behind and we are never going back! They took great care of Ares and Nova. They made their checkup and vaccinations go so smoothly. It was an effortless, painless, and pleasant experience. I highly recommend this place for your pets!

Photo of Colin Swenson Colin Swenson
Jul 8, 2019 5

Me and my lab are a regular at this Petco and the staff is always friendly. The place is clean and has a good selection, price is mid to high but you can't ask for much more. Once again the staff is very friendly🙂

Photo of Cynthia Campbell Cynthia Campbell
Aug 6, 2019 3

We are cat owners, so this review only applies to that section of the store. It would be nice to see a larger variety of cat toys, treats, and furniture stocked in the store. Food and litter options are fine, but cats need enrichment just as much as dogs. Where are the large cat trees; or good variety of small chase toys, kick toys, chew toys, and play wands?

Photo of Angel Powell Angel Powell
Aug 11, 2019 4

Very nice staff . very helpful. Neat store. Good prices. I enjoyed shopping here

Photo of Erin Miller Erin Miller
Aug 11, 2019 3

The staff is generally friendly, and I love going to say "hello" to all the animals, but there have been multiple occasions when they are out of guinea pig food (Kaytee brand) or the big bags of hay. Once, even, I asked an employee if they had any more big bags of hay and he said "I don't know. Look over there" with no additional help.

Photo of Jenni Levenbook Jenni Levenbook
Aug 1, 2019 5

Always a great outing to the "mini zoo". I got in order to get ratsicles to feed my pet corn snake. They always have at least one size that she can eat in stock.