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McAlister's Deli


6807 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 806-3354
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McAlister's Deli

Google Reviews

Photo of Brenson Brewer Brenson Brewer
Apr 19, 2019 5

Almost B rating for this store, which is a bit of turn off but I can see it here. Staff is always friendly and nice, but slow to get things done. The food is also always good! Updated: I think they are taking reviews serious. Place has gotten much better the past month! More staff members per shift, service is quicker, the staff is still always friendly and the food remains great! I continue to come here weekly, sometimes multiple times a week. Give them a try.

Photo of Maggie Crumbo Maggie Crumbo
Mar 29, 2019 5

This was my first time ordering McAlister's for catering so I was interested to see how it would go - and it was pretty much what I expected except for the delivery guy - Anthony B. This guy is incredible. What makes him so great, you ask? Not only did he come across as a genuinely nice guy and super helpful, but our salad dressing was left off our order so Anthony ran out to get it. In the time he left, a fire alarm was called and everyone had to evacuate the building. It was a bit of a mess and the security woman was yelling at everyone. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to let Anthony know I wouldn't be in the room when he returns, but by the grace of God I was able to flag him down in the evacuation crowd. Turns out he was worried about time so he ran to the closest grocery store instead of returning to McAlister's and bought us three bottles of dressing using his own money! Who cares that much? Anthony. Dude, give that guy a raise. He's killing it.

Photo of Cassandra Cassandra
Mar 18, 2019 3

The food here was ok. I have no real complaints. They take their time getting orders taken and getting the food out to you. It took us quite some time to receive our order as only 1 person was at the register, but we just waited at one of the tables. The staff was nice as well.

Photo of Şerife Yucesoy Özkan Şerife Yucesoy Özkan
Jun 10, 2019 4

HorseRadish is so nice. Kids menu is good and cheap. Pay attention! You need to pay an extra money for drink for kids menu. There is a accesible restroom. The staff is friendly and smiley. But Broccoli-chedar soup is terrible. Mc&Chesee is ok. There is park lot and location is also accesible. The air condition works. the inside is to cold although the weather is too hot.

Photo of Patricia Peterson Patricia Peterson
Jun 5, 2019 2

it was ok but they did full get me what I want on sandwich they give me no mustard on my sandwich that a major no no when comes to seving sandwiches it must give customer what ask for and stop skimp on product and chagring for not good business move but on other hand customer service was great up to pair I hope this inspire to step it up was not happy with my food in no form or fashion