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La Mala


110 Corcoran St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 797-0104
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Photo of Heidi Considine Heidi Considine
Nov 4, 2023 5

Delicious!! I got the tacos Asada, vieja mula drink, and the Mexican fries! Absolutely loved it. Marco was our waiter, and he was a great vibe! Overall excellent experience.

Photo of Noelia Bautista Noelia Bautista
Sep 9, 2023 5

We went on Saturday night, we choose here because close late and sounded like a good Mexican food. Even there were people we got table immediately. We ordered a Quesadillas Mex (no chipotle sauce, no hot salsa) they were perfect! Vallartaso ceviche and tacos de pastor. For drink my fav mezcal Monte lobos and Cantaritos. Everything was delicious and the service was perfect! Is a good spot to eat good and try drinks! The only thing that I didn’t like was the selection of the dj ,the music sucks even if he plays in a Mexican original place the music wouldn’t be good

Photo of Daniel Perry Daniel Perry
Aug 7, 2023 5

La Mala definitely has some of the best cocktails in Durham, especially when it comes to tequila and mezcal. All of the drinks are so unique and fresh. They also have a really fun and interesting food menu. We made a meal from the shared plates alone! It is a little loud, but after a drink or two we didn't mind it anymore.

Photo of greta vanderloop greta vanderloop
Jul 24, 2023 4

The interior is beautiful, colorful, and a little sophisticated. Great spot right downtown Durham. The bartenders were friendly (sat at the bar), and super resourceful when it came down to which beverage to select. Food- the Mexican fries quite good, I would definitely say this would be an easy go to snack after work. Also had the tulum ceviche, which was so so. It was more soupy than expected. The tulum ceviche ingredients were all were fresh, could have used more flavor, being it was more soupy, the flavors were kind of muted. The chips that came with needed salt. Beverages -The different vessels for each cocktail were a unique touch, if you’re not a pulpy person, maybe request double strain on the Mezalrita. The Cantaritos orange juice cocktail tasted as if was all OJ, nothing else. Which was just ok.

Photo of Nitish Deshpande Nitish Deshpande
Jun 30, 2023 4

Presentation of the drinks is 5/5. Taste of the drinks is 3.5/5 Some drinks were too tangy and some were not tasting good. Music is good. Service is good. I hope they have better taste in drinks along with presentation. Ambience is amazing and staff is also good.

Photo of Steve W Steve W
Jun 24, 2023 5

My first time here was impressive. Reasonably busy for early evening and water in 30 seconds of seating. Drinks in 2 minutes. The Mexican Fries were perfect for starting the night. Not too much food, but heavy enough for drinking. The waiter, who was only 2 days into the job, knew the drink menu and recommended a fantastic Mescal Margarita. The drinks were next level. What you hope for, but don't expect. Definitely one of the best experiences in Durham.

Photo of Natasha Wells Natasha Wells
May 30, 2023 5

Friendly staff and quick service. Met a friend for dinner around 5:15p; best guacamole in town! The Mexican fries are super delicious and flavorful. The drinks are strong enough and taste great! Will definitely be back soon!

Photo of Lexi R Lexi R
May 30, 2023 5

Wow… a relaxed, yet vibrant setting with great music, atmosphere and FOOD!! Small plates, with generous portions. Deliciousness! Had the ceviche, and the street fries with steak. Explosive! The drinks are top notch as well. Marco was our server and he was a doll. Attentive, and very charismatic. Make sure you end it with some churros!!! Def will visit again soon. (Now I’m hungry again 😋)

Photo of Matt Fowler Matt Fowler
May 23, 2023 5

Nice people, and what a great addition to downtown. It's dark and a little clubby feeling, not in a bad way. We went for lunch but it's probably perfect at happy hour and dinner. The ceviche is amazing, but the drinks are the reason to go. Get a snack and start at the top of the drink list with The La Mala, a smoky treat, then work your way down.

Photo of Latisha Adams Latisha Adams
Apr 28, 2023 5

Even though this is a cocktail bar. This is some of the best Mexican food in Durham. My friend and I shared the ceviche and Mexican fries Since it’s a large portion. I got the tacos de asada. To drink you can’t go wrong with the bad bunny margarita.

Photo of Chandra Jennings Chandra Jennings
Feb 11, 2023 4

Went to La Mala tonight for a much needed drink after a long week at work. La Mala is a very cool, laid back spot with tons of tables and a long bar with even more tables next to it. There is a gorgeous painting of a woman on the main wall that just screams take a picture in front of me and post! I still had some work to do, so I sat in a corner next to the restrooms so I could focus on work and chill and people watch. The waitress helped me out right way and I decided on the asado tacos and a Paloma. The Paloma came out first and it was super sweet, wayyy too sweet for me. However, the waitress was so nice about it and I was able to change it out for an Agua Fresca. This was so delicious! It was mezcal based, so it was a little smoky and had a nice kick to it! It went down way to easily, so I slowed down about half way. It paired well with my asado tacos that were just enough. Their portions are not too overwhelming and the tacos were very yummy. I love that they came with a large lime and this delicious green salsa. Wow! Overall I would definitely come back! Minus one star for the Paloma, but I am so glad that the waitress was so nice about replacing it. Love that they are local!

Photo of John John
Jan 23, 2023 4

Awesome. We loved the guac, and the quesadilla were absolutely fantastic - best in Durham honestly. Not sure if we'd get the chips with the hot dog chunks in it again. Server was super friendly. There is a DJ blasting music so it's definitely a bit loud and hard to have a conversation, but good for a fun meal! 4.5

Photo of Boris Tezak Boris Tezak
Jan 15, 2023 5

A much needed addition to the downtown Durham scene! In our opinion this place is exactly what it intended to be. A fun, sexy vibe with loud latin music. We sat at the bar and quickly noted how well staffed and attentive the service was. We ordered 2 drinks (la mala & el chavo). The drinks had a cool presentation, both were Mezcal based and had a really nice balance between the smoke and sweet. This place offers small plates, we ordered the guac, a ceviche, and 2 plates of tacos (al pastor, carne asada)- this was the perfect amount of food for the two of us and the price was reasonable. The tacos were delicious and kept the authenticity of the traditional street tacos that we love; the carne asada was super well seasoned and maybe one of the best carne asada tacos I've had in the area. The only thing that would make this place better is if it turned into a latin dance club late night. We did not stay late, so who is to say it doesn't?;) We will certainly be back to find out!

Photo of Dame Wilkerson Dame Wilkerson
Jan 13, 2023 5

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO WHAT IM ABOUT TO SAY….. Please don’t let social media persuade you to any other Mexican restaurant downtown!!! This by FAR, is the only way !!!!! The drinks and food is not even in comparison to anywhere else around!!! The vibe is great!! 10/10 Just GOOOO & Thank me later ✌🏾

Photo of Juan Zarazua Juan Zarazua
Jan 7, 2023 5

Absolutely great! The food is awesome. Definitely a beautiful touch of our modern Mexican cuisine. My family and I will definitely go back. The appetizers were amazing and so were the cocktails.

Photo of Yolanda Brown Yolanda Brown
Jan 3, 2023 5

This was a great experience. The tacos were delicious and the cocktails were very well made. I’ll return again 👍🏾

Photo of Patrick Slaughter Patrick Slaughter
Dec 29, 2022 3

The sour bunny drink was ok, but too much ice. The la mala was the best drink for me. Mexican fries were salty. It was missing like jalapenos. Mama's ceviche was good. Its cook. But when I think of Mexican food, this place isn't it. The food wasn't the best drink and was decent and not worth the price. One more thing the tall tables with the bar seat on one side and the chairs on the other the chairs are not friendly to big people felt like I was getting squeezed and had to request to be moved to 4 full seating. The bathroom was nice.

Photo of A. Francis A. Francis
Dec 18, 2022 5

This is a fun & trendy place. The staff was friendly & very attentive. Although I would to have liked more food variety, it's still a good spot for tacos

Photo of Rebecca Fensholt Rebecca Fensholt
Dec 11, 2022 5

Wonderful spot for drinks and snacks! Cozy atmosphere with kind and attentive staff. The menu was great! Very thoughtfully crafted cocktail menu and the food was better than I could possibly put into words. This spot is a very welcome addition to the downtown scene.

Photo of Jim Foster Jim Foster
Dec 10, 2022 5

What a fantastic cocktail lounge!! Amazing food and drinks in a swanky establishment with friendly, knowledgeable service. Great scene, cozy books for dates. Well with checking out!! Their mezcal based El Chavo de Ocha is particularly delicious, smokey with a good touch of tamarind. I'll definitely be visiting often.

Photo of Erin Karcher Erin Karcher
Dec 8, 2022 5

Came for dinner with a friend on Thursday night. Usually I have low expectations for a restaurant's opening week, however, our experience here far exceeded expectations. Decor was perfect, food was incredible- we especially loved the ceviche. Drinks were delicious, and our service was exceptional- Yosa was the best. La Mala is in the perfect location for just about anything you want- a quick light bite before a show, drinks and dessert (the churros were amazing), or a leisurely dinner. We'll definitely come back! What a wonderful addition to the downtown Durham scene!

Photo of Ted Eby Ted Eby
Dec 8, 2022 5

Great drinks and tacos. Restaurant has a great vibe. Prices are a little high, but still overall great.