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Joe Van Gogh Durham


1104 Broad St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-4800
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Photo of Ken Ray Ken Ray
May 5, 2019 5

Joe Van Gogh is the ideal of a neighborhood coffee shop. There are no platoons of beige pant wearing uniformed servers rushing to complete your order. The people that you see behind the counter are just that - your neighbors. inside you will find delicious coffee, free books, posters from local bands and business cards from local gig seekers. if this environment isn't your style, there is a Starbucks inside the Harris teeter just down the street. Go there. if you are laid-back, inclusive, and just enjoy a really good cup of coffee, and you don't see a seat ...ask me and I'll move my stuff over so you can sit down.

Photo of Rahshea Cardiff Rahshea Cardiff
Mar 18, 2019 4

I enjoyed my visit here! I consider myself somewhat of a coffee shop expert, and visit local and unique ones wherever I travel to! The menu selection is not necessarily unique, more your typical run of the mill mochas, iced coffee, coffee etc, but the iced coffee was smooth and delicious, and I bought a bag of beans to take home, and I do recommend their coffee! There was a small pastry selection. Overall, I would say the experience will exceed a Starbucks, and you will enjoy it, but it isnt the most unique or exceptional coffee shop I have visited. They do have an excellent selection of whole beans to buy!

Photo of Rosa Castro Rosa Castro
Mar 25, 2019 5

Good coffee and delicious pastries. They even have a little toaster oven so you can warm up your pastries.

Photo of Loren Tatum Loren Tatum
May 5, 2019 4

Coffee was good and customizable. Had a lavender latte that was pretty tasty. The chai I got wasn't very spiced but still tasted ok.

Photo of Daniel Lugo Daniel Lugo
Sep 18, 2019 5

Had a fantastic Americano here. Very smooth, not a strong caffiene flavor. Place is very clean and charming as well.

Photo of Warren Smith Warren Smith
Aug 16, 2019 4

Just got a small cup of coffee here but it was fine.

Photo of Kerem Yildirim Kerem Yildirim
Aug 10, 2019 5

Great place to work and have a good cup of coffee.

Photo of Michael Fogle Michael Fogle
Oct 26, 2019 5

Coffee excellent. Staff friendly. Van Gogh breakfast sandwich delicious. Indoor and outdoor seating. Dog friendly - noticed several water bowls outside.

Photo of Mark Peoples Mark Peoples
Nov 9, 2019 5

So far I haven't tasted a better cup of coffee anywhere. If you are truly a coffee connoisseur you'll be the type of person who likes to pick out subtle hints of chocolate, blueberries, honey and more.

Photo of Don DeShazo Don DeShazo
Oct 31, 2019 5

Great Coffee, great atmosphere, and great Baristas. I suggest you try it for yourself, you will enjoy it.

Photo of Emmily Mobley Emmily Mobley
Jan 13, 2020 5

This is a great place to grab a coffee! If you need to work then there is a more quiet space on the platform with room for about 8 people. It has plenty of electric outlets as well. The outside space is the perfect spot to sip your espresso and people watch.

Photo of Tim Woody Tim Woody
Feb 12, 2020 4

My favorite coffee shop in Durham. They serve the same beans as my favorite coffee shop in Hillsborough, NC Cup Of Joe. The beans are locally roasted so are always fresh. On street parking makes this a great place to stop and grab a quick cup before work. Lots of seating makes this a great spot to meet friend for coffee and they also serve some fresh baked pastries. Lots of great local artist have their work on display and for sale.

Photo of Kat T Kat T
Feb 1, 2020 3

Cool artwork, but they were out of a few things. The espresso I was served sat too long before it was put into my cup and it didn't taste good.

Photo of Ana Caldera Ana Caldera
Feb 28, 2020 4

I went adventuring with my lil' one. We stopped in on a chilly Friday morning, when school was cancelled. We got a big ole' sugar cookie for him. I already had my coffee in hand, but the coffee smells when I walked in were heavenly. I'll definitely be back soon!

Photo of Rob Owen Rob Owen
Mar 2, 2019 5

Coffee (also by the pound), Wi-Fi, locopops, atmosphere, awesome staff... priceless. Twice a day.