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Jamba Ninth Street


810 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 907-0806
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Photo of Ongelique Pyles Ongelique Pyles
May 8, 2019 5

greeted promptly. drink tastes great. wish it was a little thicker but I'm happy. I'll be back!

Photo of Lisa Stephens Lisa Stephens
May 5, 2019 5

My new find on healthy fresh drinks, but on the costly side. Great taste!! Will return again! Service is great and the place is very clean!

Photo of Adam Sullivan Adam Sullivan
Apr 18, 2019 5

Amazing service! The girls challenged us with our 2 orders, since they almost looked identical. Wifey and soon to be mom of course got it right, she cant get enough of this place! Great atmosphere and personalities.

Photo of Saye Sendolo Saye Sendolo
May 20, 2019 5

Love this place, especially their smoothie breakfast bowl and ginger shots, plus they have special on Thursday and Friday.

Photo of Dasha Mazaeva Dasha Mazaeva
Feb 16, 2019 5

Best smoothies ever! Jamba Juice is incredible everywhere, and this location is no exception. The drinks are always made to order, try Açaí Super Antioxidant you’ll thank me later, staff is always nice, I wish I lived closer I would spend all my time here.

Photo of Ana Duran Martinez Ana Duran Martinez
Jul 31, 2019 4

The nutty almond bowl was pretty good. But it wasn’t as thick as I thought it would be. The place is very clean

Photo of Jessica Murrell Jessica Murrell
Oct 11, 2019 5

great service and amazing juice options. The two young ladies who work there are very helpful and nice.

Photo of Jae Pickey Jae Pickey
Sep 6, 2019 5

Ah- yeeeah!! Gotta love this place. Staffs are so accommodating and helpful. Fridays are always a plus with $5 any size smoothies. I just go for my pro-workout protein shakes. Yum!

Photo of Frances Mock Frances Mock
Sep 19, 2019 5

Love Jamba and these awesome owners. Everyday is a good day when it starts with a Razzmatazz.

Photo of Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez
Sep 6, 2019 5

Very tasty juice, I took Caribbean dream.The place extra clean.

Photo of A Heart to Ascend TV A Heart to Ascend TV
Dec 23, 2019 5

Amazing smoothies! I am in love with this place.

Photo of Kennesha Forson Kennesha Forson
Jul 20, 2018 5

This was my first time at this place. I enjoyed it very much. My juice was perfect! Also the atmosphere was warm and inviting. I also enjoyed how CLEAN the place was. Stop by!

Photo of Tania De Los Santos Tania De Los Santos
Jan 26, 2019 5

Love their açaí bowl, I travel from NE Raleigh just for it lol

Photo of Lavette Kelly Lavette Kelly
Jun 15, 2020 5

I love this place

Photo of Marcelo Oliveira Marcelo Oliveira
May 5, 2018 5

Considering there's not so many fruit in North America, the menu is vast. They are very nice and customize options if you don't like some of the fruit in the recipe of your smoothie.

Photo of Brendan McGeever Brendan McGeever
Jul 7, 2020 5

I'm from the western US and was craving Jamba. Very nice location. Had hand sanitizer available.

Photo of Tercell Carter Tercell Carter
Jul 20, 2020 5

Healthy food and and clean fast service

Photo of Pattie McAlister Pattie McAlister
Jul 31, 2020 5

Excellent smoothie bowls at prices that are less than the competition.

Photo of Dan Kujo Dan Kujo
Aug 29, 2020 5

Online ordering and pickup was easy and fast. Great customer service.

Photo of Vanessa T Vanessa T
Aug 28, 2020 5

Robbyn and the crew are great! Friendly and very helpful!

Photo of john lara john lara
Nov 1, 2020 5

Staff: Friendly Product: great Cleanliness: great Had a great experience and enjoyed the extra boost (I don’t recall if that’s what it was called) overall I’d recommend. The flavors match the taste even with protein you don’t get the chalky taste. That being said I don’t mind the taste of protein so I may not notice as much as others.

Photo of Roann Lara Roann Lara
Oct 28, 2020 5

Nice location very clean. Just like all jamba juices this one has an outdoor patio and is located downtown. Fast and friendly service and free boost shots!

Photo of Bryan Edney Bryan Edney
Dec 21, 2021 5

Great place to get a smoothie for a quick pick-me-up in between meals

Photo of Cherise McManus Cherise McManus
Aug 2, 2021 5

Delicious acai bowls. They give you a good amount of smoothie and toppings.

Photo of John Sanderson John Sanderson
Sep 7, 2021 5

Great staff. Quick and cheerful.

Photo of Melissa Downing Melissa Downing
Mar 26, 2022 5

I had the Caribbean passion and it was so good.