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Hux Family Farm


1923 Shaw Rd
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 236-3244
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Photo of Christina Valente Christina Valente
May 5, 2019 5

Best thing ever!!! Would have never thought of putting goats and yoga together but it was the best combination ever. Kindest people work there and it is an experience of a lifetime!!! Our favorite goat was Johnny Cash! A baby goat! :)

Photo of Faye Goodwin Faye Goodwin
Apr 24, 2019 5

The people here are SO GOOD. This is the best experience. I bring all of my favorite people (my mom, my best friends) out to goat yoga, and we always leave just full of bliss and joy. This is an experience for gentle souls who want to hang out with happy baby goats and a big beautiful dog.

Photo of Emmanuelle Munsen Emmanuelle Munsen
Apr 13, 2019 5

I came the first time with a group of ladies in December to do “yoga with goats” and had a blast! The goats are so cute and fun and Ragnar, the Great Pyrenese dog, is a sweetheart and an unexpected Yoga dog prop. There was probably more goat cuddling on my part than yoga, but it was incredibly fun. Totally worth it! And Amanda and her husband are the nicest people you could ever meet. When I tried to come back this morning to share the experience with my husband and daughter, and light rain turned into a full on downpour, Amanda offered to let us reschedule. That was totally above and beyond given the 48 hr cancellation policy and how communicative she had been about the weather ahead of time. It was truly really kind. And even sweeter was that she still held the class for the out of town participants who would not have been able to reschedule. Talk about dedication and service!!!!

Photo of Gel Gel
Mar 3, 2019 5

Was quite the experience. Great family who care for others along with their animals. There was little to no farm smell to my surprise. I would definitely come back with my son and a few friends. I was also able to grab some duck eggs too!

Photo of Marianne Pestana Marianne Pestana
Mar 2, 2019 5

It's all fun and games, especially if your doing Goat Yoga at Hux Family Farm! Pepper is teaching me how to really relax while Lily is investing my pockets for something sweet. If you're in #NorthCarolina, make sure to sign up for some OM time with the goats!

Photo of Nikki Tomes Nikki Tomes
Jul 14, 2019 5

Goat yoga was a hit! Took my teenage nieces and boyfriend, everyone had a great time. The goats were truly adorable and affectionate. The instructor was incredibly patient, calm, and made the experience truly enjoyable for everyone. I high recommend a trip to the farm!

Photo of Becky Rooke Becky Rooke
Aug 19, 2019 5

Absolutely Exceeded My Expectations! Amazing!

Photo of Becky Titus Becky Titus
Feb 17, 2020 5

Absolutely wonderful experience! Amanda and Matthew were fantastic tour guides. The facility is very relaxed and tranquil. All of the animals are well behaved and good with small children. I can't wait to go back and take goat yoga as well as pick up some of their homemade products!

Photo of Nan Stombaugh Nan Stombaugh
Mar 18, 2019 5

Recommended - Horse as Healer event! Amanda is a patient teacher and deeply knowledgeable of the animals in her care, creating an inviting atmosphere to enjoy Reiki and meditation with these beautiful souls.

Photo of Charlotte S Charlotte S
May 29, 2017 5

We went to a goat yoga class at Hux farm and had so much fun! who knew that Goats were so friendly and cuddly?! it was a blast and the yoga instructor was great. Definitely recommend checking this out if you're an animal lover :)

Photo of jenny abhau jenny abhau
Aug 20, 2020 5

Decided to try goat yoga with my staff. Now they think I’m the best boss ever. :) Amanda was super helpful getting things arranged AND leading our group. Also: GOATS GALORE!! Too many to count! Needless to say, there were endless photo ops. You need to try this.

Photo of Rachel McLaughlin Rachel McLaughlin
Aug 20, 2020 5

When a goat chooses you, it’s magic! Thank you Amanda for sharing your knowledge and passion with our team! It was wonderful! Such a special experience!

Photo of Taylor McGannon Taylor McGannon
Aug 21, 2020 5

So much fun! I will definitely be recommending y’all to friends and family :)

Photo of Corynn Haberski Corynn Haberski
Aug 23, 2020 5

Amazing people and even more amazing animals!!! Goat yoga was the best!! I can't wait to go again!!

Photo of jenny abhau jenny abhau
Aug 20, 2020 5

Decided to try goat yoga with my staff. Now they think I’m the best boss ever. :) Amanda was super helpful getting things arranged AND leading our group. Also: GOATS GALORE!! Too many to count! Needless to say, there were endless photo ops. You need to try this.

Photo of Lanya Shapiro Lanya Shapiro
Oct 11, 2020 5

Terrific programs and products, wonderful people! Their kids' programs are phenomenal. And if you've never done goat yoga, wait no longer!

Photo of Renee Bragg Renee Bragg
Nov 7, 2020 5

What a fun farm! You can tell they really care about the farm and helping others. Seeing the goats come running through the gate to come say hi was adorable. They took great covid precautions and there was a huge 3 to 1 ratio of goats to humans. The goats were super friendly and got right in your lap. They even jumped up on your back all by themselves! They did help in case they didn't jump up when a camera was available. Have lots of other events too and some great soap! Highly recommend the lavender lemon and the cinnamon clove

Photo of Ron Weyersberg Ron Weyersberg
Nov 21, 2020 5

Let me start by saying I'm not a "yoga guy". Wife found this online and suggested we go. It was a blast... Very kind folks, fun farm, creative yoga class... We laughed our butts off. Will definitely go back

Photo of Erin Lunsford Norton Erin Lunsford Norton
Mar 15, 2022 5

My friends and I came to Avery Family Farm for a private goat yoga event recently and we had the best time! I loved that Amanda let us choose exactly how much yoga we wanted to do - and in the end we opted mostly for just cuddling with all the goats! The goats were very sweet and snuggly and Amanda was very informative, telling us all of the goats names and answering all of our questions. I will definitely be back!

Photo of Zoey Best Zoey Best
Mar 13, 2022 5

This experience was glorious. 10/10 would recommend.

Photo of Kate L Kate L
Oct 31, 2021 5

Therapeutic goat yoga was wonderful. Highly recommend.

Photo of Tanya B Tanya B
May 26, 2021 5

I went here for the first time for goat yoga and it was amazing! It made my heart happy. Didn’t get much yoga done, but didn’t care because I was surrounded by snuggling goats and sheep and a dog. Super friendly staff that make you feel completely at home. Very COVID safe and just an amazing experience! I will definitely return!

Photo of Jenn Wright Jenn Wright
Apr 27, 2021 5

We had a great time celebrating my friend’s birthday with goat yoga at Hux Family Farm! Everyone was so nice and helpful and it was such a fun experience for the entire group. I would highly recommend, even if you’re not into yoga.