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2103 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 973-3475

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Photo of Donnie Guarino Donnie Guarino
Dec 8, 2023 4

I ordered chicken with a creamy chipotle sauce I was expecting something a little different it was a sweet spicy kind of like a barbecue sauce it was good I am from Missouri Kansas City area so things will be a little different and it's good to try something fresh and different

Photo of Anna Lobastova Anna Lobastova
Dec 4, 2023 5

The best veggie burrito/tacos in Durham ‼️ Busy on weekends but you can wait in your car (for take-out) and they’ll bring you your food. This is our mainstay Mexican spot in Durham. Also: great staff. I was running late and picked up my call-in order after closing time yesterday and the staff were very nice about it!

Photo of Brittany McGuire Brittany McGuire
Nov 28, 2023 4

Great place to find authentic Latin food. Not for pansy pallets that want the normal Mexican fusion ACP lol. First time trying beef cheek. They have lots of unique options but don’t be alarmed. They do not have cheese dip lol.

Photo of Mark Schilling Mark Schilling
Nov 12, 2023 5

Really amazing food and customer service. The food is always fresh and tastes fantastic. My favorite dish is the taco dorados and the pupusa

Photo of Amelia Lee Amelia Lee
Oct 9, 2023 5

My friends and I came here after a day trip to Durham. We came at a later lunch hour with a mostly empty eating area that quickly filled up with locals as it became 4-5 pm. The menu is featured on a whiteboard and available in Spanish and English, and a friendly cashier took any questions. I ordered three tacos - chorizo, pastor, and carnitas with a Mexican coke. The three tacos were street taco style and a good portion that left you satisfied and full. The meat was not dry and tasted as you expected it - delicious. My friends ordered tacos, pupusas, and caldo de cameron. The pupusas were huge and two servings are definitely fulfilling and tasted amazing. The caldo de cameron was a great size and well seasoned and spiced with a great portion of shrimp and carrots. Throughout the meal, we kept telling each other how amazing the food tasted and also how comfortable the eatery was. This def showed as the dining area quickly filled up with regulars, students, and others craving good food. It's great food that serves the community and leaves you wanting to more by planning a second trip back. I loved the food and can't wait to try more.

Photo of Summer Summer
Oct 4, 2023 5

We had steak Mexicano and I forgot the name of the other one(chicken, rice, bean, salad). They were soooo good and they gave you a lot of food for this price. It's about $15-16 each. It's a small restaurant next to a gas station and you wouldn't imagine they have such good food. Most people who dine here are local Hispanic and you can tell food would be food. The only thing is that the mean is kind of hard to read so if you are new, it may take quite a while to read it. But for sure will be back next time.

Photo of Chuck Alley Chuck Alley
Oct 3, 2023 5

This is easy. Great food, Great service, good price. Don't need pictures or in depth commentary. Just go eat there!

Photo of Palazoloup Palazoloup
Jul 12, 2023 4

This is a true hole in the wall place. Very non descript Mexican restaurant on the corner. Order at the register and they deliver your food. Great tacos which are Guadalajara style. Fresh made corn tortillas with onions, cilantro and your choice of meat. Best tacos in the area.

Photo of Michael Vaught Michael Vaught
Jun 12, 2023 4

I was very impressed with the authentic atmosphere, and the staff was extremely helpful . I enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine. You will not be disappointed by this restaurant.