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El Chapin


4600 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 908-7975
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Photo of Luisa Tobon Luisa Tobon
Jan 25, 2020 5

Great service! Received our food within ten minutes, and it was absolutely delicious, decently priced too for a ton of food

Photo of Sarah Phillips Sarah Phillips
Jan 18, 2020 5

My favorite place to visit. Great food, excellent service, and relaxing environment. I feel like I am on a vacation.

Photo of Sarah Phillips Sarah Phillips
Jan 16, 2020 5

This is a great gateway to Korean food if you haven’t tried it before. I have never had a dish here I didn't like. The sprawling restaurant area is beautiful and unique. So glad our friends suggested we meet here. Food was outstanding!

Photo of Lisa Volaric Lisa Volaric
Nov 26, 2019 5

The food is excellent and the service is very friendly. I would highly recommend.

Photo of Pam Waller Pam Waller
Nov 22, 2019 5

First time eating here tonight....and the service friendly and food was delicious. Meats we’re seasoned and grilled to perfection. Will be going back soon.

Photo of Caroline Higgins Caroline Higgins
Nov 10, 2019 5

Service was prompt and the food was delicious. I will definitely be coming back.

Photo of Yolanda Hooper Yolanda Hooper
Aug 30, 2019 4

Me and my Family liked it very much, They were very welcoming, We ordered 5 different authentic Guatemalan dishes and all were, well prepared, the Carne asada, has all the seasonings that We use in Guatemala, also You can shop Guatemalan groceries.

Photo of Julia's art Julia's art
Sep 21, 2019 5

Great food, great service I am definitely coming back.

Photo of Jazer Virgen Jazer Virgen
Oct 18, 2019 5

The plate I got was really good(el tipico). Fast and good service.

Photo of Nolberto Guevara Nolberto Guevara
Sep 19, 2019 5

25 years ago I left Guatemala, and I did not have the opportunity to eat Guatemalan food for all those years, when I try the food it was like the taste from Guatemala it was awesome. I will recommend this place.

Photo of Meg McMahon Meg McMahon
Sep 29, 2019 5

I had a great time this morning at El Chaplin. We got two paches and they were extremely tasty! Everyone was super friendly too. We are definitely coming back!

Photo of Naveed iftikhar Naveed iftikhar
Jul 19, 2019 4

Amazing authentic gautemalan food. Great service

Photo of Alexander Paiz Alexander Paiz
Jul 24, 2019 5

It’s really good, a good place if you are looking for nostalgic food in Durham area.

Photo of TheJohnnyGreat TheJohnnyGreat
Jul 14, 2019 4

The food it good but the thing is I had to wait for 20 minutes for a Tamale witch should be done already but other than that everything else was good and its a little small.

Photo of Ron Nickels Ron Nickels
Jul 7, 2019 4

Good fresh cooked food. Tasty

Photo of alex josue Rodríguez alex josue Rodríguez
Jun 18, 2019 4

Great food best price( but don't recoment meat soup too much fat) but beside that is so good

Photo of Stacey Thompson Stacey Thompson
Jul 6, 2019 5

The food and service were outstanding. I can't wait to go back!

Photo of Joshua Klein Joshua Klein
Mar 23, 2019 5

Wonderful staff, wonderful food. I ordered eggs that came with refried beans cheese and sour cream. I'll be there again.

Photo of Mac Ruiz Mac Ruiz
May 10, 2019 5

Very tasty! Friendly stuff! I love the meat Parrillada with guac and plantains

Photo of Denise Durant6 Denise Durant6
May 22, 2019 4

Nice selection, reasonable prices and clean

Photo of Jack Zhang Jack Zhang
Mar 13, 2019 4

Only giving this place a 4 star rating because of the quality of the food. If you go at a busy time, their service can be very very lacking. Our table of four waited for 45 minutes to receive our food. When they asked if there's anything else that we needed, I asked for rice only to never get it. The food is pretty good though and should make up for your absent waiter/waitress if that helps. I recommend the carne guisada.

Photo of alex josue Rodríguez alex josue Rodríguez
Jun 18, 2019 4

Great food best price( but don't recoment meat soup)

Photo of Christine Perry Christine Perry
Feb 7, 2022 4

El Chapin is a great place to eat. I enjoyed the atmosphere. The people are nice and the food is delicious. They serve really nice portion of food for your money. I will continue to frequent thar restaurant in the future.

Photo of Aaron Moore Aaron Moore
Apr 7, 2022 5

Really loved this place. The price/value is off the charts. My wife and I ordered 3 meals worth of food and I got a pound of chorizo to take home for less than I would pay for just a night out somewhere else. Even the side salad was great, all fresh veggies with radish, cucumber, onion, tomato, lettuce. I will have to come back and try everything!

Photo of Adolfo NC Adolfo NC
Mar 22, 2022 5

Great tasting food and gautemala delicacies. Fruit bowl is nice end to a meal. We came from Winston-Salem and it was worth it.

Photo of Nichole Gantshar Nichole Gantshar
Mar 3, 2022 5

Best pupusas in the area! There also is a grocery store and deli with baked goods. An menu has a lot of options. Can't wait to return.

Photo of Hans Burgner Hans Burgner
Jan 25, 2022 4

Stopped by on a whim. Wanted to try something different. Definitely authentic! If you have ever traveled to any of the mid American countries, you'll absolutely appreciate the food. Really enjoyed our meal and will be back.

Photo of Stacey Stines Stacey Stines
Dec 15, 2021 5

My daughter and I liked this place. We wanted try something different. The customer service was great as well. We will be returning soon!!

Photo of Rose Degen Rose Degen
Sep 17, 2021 5

The food here was delicious and the portions are just excellent. And the staff is very friendly and professional. Casual Dinning with indoor and outdoor seating.

Photo of DeBorah Smith DeBorah Smith
Aug 12, 2021 5

Visited twice. Will Definitely go again! The food is tasty, very well seasoned. The price is affordable and the Staff is courteous and engaging! Please go! You wont be disappointed!

Photo of Randi D. Randi D.
Jul 31, 2021 4

Authentic food at an affordable price! My husband and I both ordered pupusas con queso, chicharrón, and frijoles but there was almost no queso or chicharrón in either of our orders. Other than that, the tamarindo, rice, and salsa were all delicious! We’ll go back!

Photo of Jane Li Jane Li
Jun 24, 2021 5

Delicious, legit authentic, was pleasantly surprised how cheap it was. If you like flavorful food, get the pollo en pepian.

Photo of Levi Ellingboe Levi Ellingboe
Jul 18, 2021 4

Pretty good food and the price was acceptable. Seating is a little tight but that's just part of the atmosphere. The only weird thing is it's like a grocery store so you potentially sit with rows of shelves around you. Which is okay until someone comes bumbling around you searching for their Pelon Pelo Rico and is all in your space.

Photo of Marlena Isley Marlena Isley
Jun 13, 2021 4

Love this place! Consistently amazing food prepared to order. You will not be disappointed!

Photo of Alexander Dan Alexander Dan
Jun 2, 2021 5

Really awesome place to eat. Huge portions, great flavors. Definitely a good place to go. The pollo en pepian was really tasty.

Photo of m m m m
May 27, 2021 5

Amazing food, just out of this world. Great pupusas, delicious tamales, excellent ceviche. If you haven't been, you're missing out

May 27, 2021 5

Totally delicious food in a charming, family-friendly, chill atmosphere. Friendly and attentive staff and an all-around relaxed vibe. Order one dish to eat in and another to go!

Photo of Jackson Spradley Jackson Spradley
Mar 19, 2021 5

A true gem in Durham. Delicious food, very friendly staff, very clean space...all for an affordable price. Will become part of our usual rotation from here on out.

Photo of Shane Stille Shane Stille
Mar 27, 2021 5

I had some Guatemalan friends coming down to visit from Virginia and decided to take them here to eat. We loved the authentic food and great service. My friends were thrilled and even bought food to go after we ate. What a great experience for us. Thank you to the waitstaff- one young Guatemalan lady and a lady from El Salvador. We will be back next time they visit or sooner.

Photo of Gabriela Whelan Gabriela Whelan
Mar 12, 2021 5

Omg so I came to visit my dad and he took me here, im from Guatemala and the food was just to die for. SO delicious can't wait to come back. They even bake their own sweet breads

Photo of Julissa Steiman Julissa Steiman
Dec 22, 2020 4

Took my mom in for lunch today, we are Guatemalan and my mother taught authentic Guatemalan cooking in Antigua Guatemala. The staff there was very friendly and very accommodating. There is a great selection of Guatemalan dry goods for sale and the menu is very impressive. We had tostadas which were very fresh and made to order. The tamale was good too. We ordered some food to go including chuchitos, tamales, and atol de elote. All were delicious. Only one item my mother and I did not like at all, the rellenito. It is supposed to be a dessert and it lacked sugar, the plantain wasn't cooked with sugar and the bean filling also lacked sugar and chocolate like a traditional rellenito. But I will definitely be returning. The restaurant was clean, and the staff was following covid protocol. If your in the area give this place a try. We drove 45 minutes and it was worth it.

Photo of Alexito Rico Alexito Rico
Nov 3, 2020 5

Delicious Authentic food! I highly recommend.

Photo of Jameson Brown Jameson Brown
Nov 12, 2020 5

Everything from service, food and price is good with this place. I've never experienced anything bad like how some apparently have. The second I walk in I get greeted right away. The food always comes out quick even though sometimes they apologize for it coming out too late. Honestly, I don't mind waiting. I'd rather have the cooks take their time and feel like they can relax instead of being under so much stress.

Photo of Clarence Dillard Clarence Dillard
Oct 10, 2020 5

Delicious food. Very friendly staff. Contactless ordering through Grubhub. Also has a small grocery and bakery. Great deals.

Photo of Carol Reiner Carol Reiner
Oct 14, 2020 5

Great Food! Best prices! Friendly staff! Carol Reiner HR Tires/Owner

Photo of shawn shawn
Sep 16, 2020 5

this food is fire maneee, dont sleep on this place💪🏼👻

Photo of Jennifer Crowe Jennifer Crowe
Aug 24, 2020 5

Delicious Guatemalan food and spectacular service. Be sure to get some baked goods and try all the sausages. It is truly healthy and yummy 😋 !

Photo of Elizabeth Medina Elizabeth Medina
May 3, 2020 5

This place is sooo good!! The taste is like no other, the Papas Locas are the best! I will say it is more expensive than other places but it is definitely worth it. The staff is really nice and they have a great atmosphere! Go try them out :)

Photo of Mellya Mellya Mellya Mellya
Apr 25, 2020 5

Amazing food and great service! I truly recommend this place for your next food experience. 😄

Photo of Megan Hoekstra Megan Hoekstra
Apr 8, 2020 5

Oh. My. God. This food is absolutely amazing. Can’t believe I waited years to try. Will definitely be a regular spot now.

Photo of A Cooper A Cooper
Mar 14, 2019 4

This place is definitely authentic! We ordered a multitude of meal options to get a good flavor of this restaurant's roots. I ordered two options that was very similar to each other like the tamales. There were other dishes that were very similar to the tamales in terms of the masa corn meal and lard mixture. I also ordered a beef tostada that was luke warm. The plantains were cooked perfectly! We also ordered something that resembled a pancake, but it had beans and cheese in it and also a side of rice, that was Good! The rice had a really good Zest about it that was a nice change from the usual rice. All the food on the menu is made in house. Some desserts are from other places and some are made in house. The other side of this restaurant is a Guatamala grocery store. It has so many options! From medicine to chips to drinks, they have it all!

Photo of Marth Bet Marth Bet
Jul 22, 2019 5

Delicious and great prices. Everything has a great taste.

Photo of Aleidy Encarnacion Aleidy Encarnacion
May 10, 2022 4

The food was good. We enjoyed everything. They left one of the things I ordered out of the bag but they were nice when I called to let them know. The prices are very decent. I will eat there again.

Photo of Matthew Robinson Matthew Robinson
Apr 27, 2022 5

Do yourself a favor make this a regular dinner spot. Your life will improve. You might get a raise at work, find true love, stumble into fame while pursuing a passion project. Rescue a dog at a nearby shelter that warns you of an impending heart attack and decide to retire on a beach in Guatemala just to remind you of how it all started...

Photo of Laura Morales Laura Morales
Jun 7, 2022 5

I’m Guatemalan. The atmosphere has marimba. They have Chico bananos / fruit. They have everything you would want to eat in Guatemala and a mini store inside the restaurant. Really good!

Photo of Rebecca Denton-Strauss Rebecca Denton-Strauss
Aug 6, 2022 3

The food is really good, we always enjoy our meal, BUT be aware if you place an online take-out order they don't START cooking it until you arrive to pick it up (happened the last 2 times we've eaten there). If it weren't for this, I'd give them 5 stars.

Photo of Enrique Naveda Enrique Naveda
May 26, 2022 5

I love this place... Cold beer delicious food and very nice people.. I love the seafood soup!!!

Photo of Juan Quiroz Juan Quiroz
May 6, 2022 4

The meat fillet feels tasty because it is neither very cooked nor very thick, cleanliness is seen, very kind Those who attend