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El Chapin


4600 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 908-7975
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Photo of John Riselvato John Riselvato
Jul 1, 2023 5

If you're vegetarian you have to try the Pacayas Forradas! I never had this vegetable flower before but won me over. Everything about the meal was perfect

Photo of Lauren Hampson Lauren Hampson
Jun 23, 2023 5

I don’t eat any meat so I can’t speak for that but it get the vegetarian platter here and no exaggeration- it is one of my top 5 meals I’ve ever had living in the triangle for over a decade. The platter has soft and perfectly seasoned zucchini, potatoes, carrots as well as a small ear of corn, a salad with tomatoes, onions, and radishes! The beans and rice are incredible and the tostadas are also a great appetizer. I went to Guatemala this past year and coming here makes me want to return even sooner. They have a convenience store section and wonderful service. The servers typically don’t speak to you in English so make an effort in Spanish if you can. So glad this place exists. ❤️

Photo of Sherri A Sherri A
Jun 16, 2023 4

The owner or manager was SO nice! The food was not bad. Unfortunately the day we were there was slow. It appeared the chicken was precooked or recooked, and was very dry.

Photo of Susan Sheng Susan Sheng
May 26, 2023 5

Stopped here for lunch during Duke graduation weekend and everything was absolutely delicious. My family got the Plato Tipico Chapin, Camerones Al Ajo, Caldo de pata de res, (and one more dish that I'm forgetting) Highly recommend!

Photo of gudiel toledo gudiel toledo
Mar 30, 2023 5

This is Guatemalan food at its finest! The atmosphere was fantastic and authentic. Definitely a must if you like Central American cuisine.

Photo of Cynthia Martinez Cynthia Martinez
Mar 20, 2023 4

I was very excited to go eat there since my husband is from Guatemala , and I was upset after I ordered our food p and they told me there was a wait to eat there, I was like I'm going to spend a lot of money here I wouldn't be able to sit and enjoy it, we're at first I told me there was going to be a 20-minute wait, but at the clearing of the second table they've told my husband and I we could sit down to eat, after that everything was excellent the waitress was very nice and respectful, the busboy however needs to brush up on his cleaning; efforts of the tables.

Photo of Marcus Cato Marcus Cato
Mar 4, 2023 5

I love to have lunch here. I usually get the steak and shrimp. It comes with a large scallion on top but I ask them to leave it off. The ballance of seasonings is perfect. It's served with refried beans and the best rice I have ever had. I like to order the house made mellon beverage. It tastes like cantaloupe. In my opinion it compliments the steak beautifully. This meal runs me about $25 after tip. Well worth the money.

Photo of Laura Nickerson Laura Nickerson
Jan 13, 2023 5

I'm so picky with food & usually scared to try a lot of different foreign cuisines. I took a chance & tried a couple of things on the menu. Revueltas Pupusa, Loroco Pupusa, Pollo Pupusa, & Pollo En Crema. I loved the pupusas paired with the cabbage, it was so tasty. I only took a couple of bites of the chicken crema because I got full, but it was yummy as well! I will certainly be back to try more dishes. I did a to-go purchase, but the staff I interacted with were very friendly.

Photo of Anna Huang Anna Huang
Dec 8, 2022 5

This is my happy and comfort place. I come here - delicious fresh food with great portions, friendly staff, upbeat music but not in your ears like some places, people coming here having a good time. Oh did I mention they also have tropical fruit milkshakes!? The restaurant is connected to the store - the the store is just delightful - separated by a plant wall, the store has marinated meat, delicious deserts, and other general goods. It’s fun to walk around and browse while waiting for the food. The tamales is worth a try - moist and well stuffed with generous pickles. I only wish I have a bigger stomach!