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Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Store


3900 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 401-1935

Google Reviews

Photo of Hanging with Ray Ray Hanging with Ray Ray
May 19, 2019 5

I love this place!! I always find something for my entire family. The prices on clothing are great and they have 1$ days also. Fabulous

Photo of Cherie Wilson Cherie Wilson
Mar 28, 2019 5

Always pleasant folks ... Dropping off donations or shopping there! Which I do every time I bring our donations. The Mills are a God given family who have and continue to dedicate their ministry to helping people recover their lives. God Bless them and may they continue sharing God's love to the world of NC! Thanks be to God. 🙏☺

Photo of Evon Barnes Evon Barnes
Mar 27, 2019 5

If you cannot find what you want in this place, the item doesn't exist. Thank you to all the managers, clerks, stock people, & everyone else working together to make this venue so wonderful. What an amazing selection if clothes, jewelry, household items, & electronics. Everything is neatly arranged. Thank you all. Former addicts working to get your lives together: keep pounding, & look ahead.

Apr 20, 2019 5

Big store. Good place for shopping. Easily can spend two hours

Photo of Victoria Tawzer Victoria Tawzer
Feb 1, 2019 5

This place is amazing! Biggest thrift store I’ve ever been to. Very organized and fair prices. Friendly staff. Will definitely be back soon!

Photo of Katie Kelly Katie Kelly
Jul 9, 2019 5

This is my favorite thrifting place in durham. The selection is GREAT and the prices are typically really good. They also don’t have a credit card price minimum which is nice, especially if you’re only buying a few items

Photo of Michael Michael
Jul 29, 2019 5

They have a TON of clothes for really cheap. Tons of books and records as well. They do a lot for the community and give back. A really great place everyone should visit.

Photo of Donna Gregory Donna Gregory
Oct 5, 2019 4

Nice place to take things you don't want anymore. I like to declutter, so Durham Rescue Mission Thrift is helpful for me. Drive up service for dropping off items. People are always there to help you unload. I have also shopped for clothes here, and there are some real finds if you are willing to search. You can run across some good housewares too. I bought a cute decorative plate with a painting of a pug on it. We humans have to work out our hunter instinct from time to time, and at Durham Rescue Thrift, we can do it without breaking the bank. One star off for not accepting some cookie sheets I tried to give them - said they can't accept pots and pans - what! Goodwill does.

Photo of Jennifer Hennigan Jennifer Hennigan
Oct 30, 2019 5

I've both donated and shopped here. The store is incredibly well organized, and no matter what you're shopping for there's a good variety since it's a spacious place. Dropping off donations is also pretty easy, and I've always had someone come out to help me with the drop off.

Photo of April Koch April Koch
Dec 6, 2019 5

We come here every week. I love that the clothes are actually organized by size and they have $1 tag sales all the time. Lots of dishes, lots of furniture, tons of clothes, lots of media. Plenty of places to roam and explore. Sometimes customers use this place as a playground for their kids. We use it as a playground for our minds. Very fun to shop here even if you don’t buy anything.

Photo of Jedediah Seltzer Jedediah Seltzer
Dec 1, 2019 5

I enjoy this store a lot if I am searching for clothing. It has a massive amount with the entire main room being clothing. Also each day of the week they have a different tag special so every thing with that tag color is 1 dollar. Not great for books though or board games

Photo of Kelsie Latham Kelsie Latham
Jan 22, 2020 5

This store is huge! Very clean and pretty organized. I thought the pricing was good. They have sales too on certain color tags👍 Tons of clothing selection, I mean TONS! It's nice and organized by size, so easy to find what you need. We'll be back next time were in the area for sure.

Photo of Robert Pelley Robert Pelley
Jan 23, 2020 5

I am a travel nurse and this place hooked me up with all the scrubs I needed for my next assignment. Cheap and good looking, gently used. Staff is amazing and helpful

Photo of Sarah C Sarah C
Feb 23, 2020 5

I was so surprised at how big this place is! It's clean and well organized. A great alternative to Goodwill.

Photo of Lesley M Lesley M
May 9, 2020 5

This place is awesome! Staff is super friendly and willing to help. Came today on 5/9, and all employees were wearing masks, sanitizing carts, and taking your temperature when you first walk in. They also had the plexi glass shields up at the registers. Glad that DRM cares about the safety of their employees and their shoppers! I had missed shopping here during the lockdown, so I'm very happy they're back up and running!

Photo of Jordan Skinner Jordan Skinner
Jun 6, 2020 5

I got a nice chair and ottoman at a good deal, and the employees were very kind and helpful in helping me load it into my sedan.😁

Photo of Janice Garrett Janice Garrett
Jun 7, 2020 5

We've been using their parking lot for Sunday service. They have been so kind to Hope Creek Church

Photo of Lynne Gensor Lynne Gensor
Jun 29, 2020 3

Glad to have my temperature checked at the entrance, but wish the cashier had remained masked and gloved. Also, the procedure for restocking clothes tried on wasn't clear.

Photo of Patricia Morad Patricia Morad
Jul 10, 2020 5

This place is all redone. From the freshly paved parking lot to the resurfaced floors inside, they have given the place a well deserved face-lift. Items are well organized and easy to maneuver the rows. Can't wait to go again. Pleasure shopping there 😁

Photo of Sybil Richardson Sybil Richardson
Jul 7, 2020 4

Store was extremely clean , they are taking temps at the door . They have self guided floor placing to help with Navigation . I did see someone enter without a mask . I think they should require it .

Photo of Andrea Murphey-Brown Andrea Murphey-Brown
Aug 6, 2020 5

With the rise of gentrification in Durham a lot of thrift stores have seen a surge of new customers. However for me and my fellow Durham residents shopping at thrift stores hasn’t always been “trendy” it’s the only affordable choice for purchasing clothes and household goods. In fact as a kid I was constantly ridiculed because all my clothes where from the thrift store. In this sense, It is apparent that capitalism does not care for those in low income households and thrift stores are no exception; the rise of prices at the local thrift stores have been detrimental to the local community. And while I am happy that our local thrift stores are getting recognition/good business I would like some of the new customers to understand the privilege they have in getting to CHOOSE to go to a thrift store. please be mindful of the impact you are making on our community and for the love of god do not resell the clothes you find in thrift stores for a higher price.

Photo of Nancy Harmon Nancy Harmon
Aug 22, 2020 5

Great loyalty program. Got an email for $5 off any purchase. Great selection, staff, location.

Photo of Tyler Cooper Tyler Cooper
Aug 19, 2020 4

A Great thrift store for clothing and various Kitchen items. Other offerings are present and abundant, but these are what I often end up getting there. They are open for COVID with precautions in place. It's been nice to be able to check up on their latest acquisitions.

Photo of Jerri Honeycutt Jerri Honeycutt
Sep 5, 2020 5

super nice staff and I found some cute bottles and trinkets. I didn't have time to look through the clothes but there were some really cute pieces that I saw. my sister found a killer pair of heels! definitely coming back soon

Photo of Michael E Seaberry Sr. Michael E Seaberry Sr.
Mar 13, 2019 5

Just love hunting for buried treasure that's the thrift store experience for me.

Photo of R FL R FL
Oct 20, 2020 5

Check this place out! Amazing what you can find here. Staff has always been very nice.

Photo of Tina Saunders Tina Saunders
Nov 25, 2020 5

Awesome place and real nice people. It's for a real good cause and the prices are very reasonable

Photo of Anthony Danes Anthony Danes
Dec 18, 2020 5

Wonderful shopping experience. Was greeted by a lady and a gentleman upon entering. Extensive library, clothing section. A very good selection of couches, coffee tables, dining table, end tables, bedroom furniture and so on. A very nice and professional gentleman helped us with questions we had about a coffee table my brother was interested in. It was very easy to load the piece off their dock and we had a very positive experience.

Photo of yuanfan yang yuanfan yang
Jan 7, 2021 5

There are a lot of vintage art pieces here at good price. If you just moved in and want a complete set of household items, this place can save you a lot. There are nice dining table sets at around 100 bucks.

Photo of Susie champ Susie champ
Jan 14, 2021 5


Photo of Shawn Melford Shawn Melford
Nov 11, 2020 5

They got good quality things

Photo of Robert St.Claire Robert St.Claire
Feb 16, 2021 5

Great selection of used clothes and household items. Really good electronic section. Clean store with friendly staff.

Photo of Cynthia Haliburton Cynthia Haliburton
Feb 23, 2021 5

Covid-19 compliance in full effect with temperature testing prior to entry. Safety glass dividers for added security. Excellent value .

Photo of Lisa Aiken Lisa Aiken
Feb 27, 2021 5

Me and my Daughter went to get her some clothes for her job she really found some nice clothes for work casual clothing 👍👍👍👍

Photo of Nicomi Kloempken Nicomi Kloempken
Apr 6, 2021 5

Excellent! Clothes are sorted according to size. Clean bathrooms and sales floor. Manager is really nice. Great selection.!

Photo of Dustin Klein Dustin Klein
Apr 7, 2021 5

This is hands down the best place to donate and shop for used items in Durham, probably the best in the triangle. Nice clean, pleasant shopping environment, huge selection, great customer service.

Photo of Abbegail Hoye Abbegail Hoye
May 29, 2021 4

Good selection of women’s clothing and random household items. Lots of crutches. Furniture is too expensive, you can get a lot of the same things brand new for the same price.

Photo of Loving Bunch Loving Bunch
Jun 13, 2021 5

Best store around with great prices & friendly employees! :)

Photo of Anita Daniels Anita Daniels
Jun 25, 2021 5

I was looking for workout gear. Found a few items and some nice items for work including a flat panel kit (I love nice cards and envelopes)!

Photo of Breana Cole Breana Cole
Jul 24, 2021 5

Got an oil change at the shop next door, they said it would take a couple hours to get to my car. No problem because I desperately needed clothes that wasn’t house lounge clothes or work uniforms. I shopped in the clothes section the whole time and am thankful the changing rooms were open to make sure everything I was getting fit right. Do be mindful of the clothes your grabbing some are ripped or stained. But most clothes were well taken care of and really cute. Thank you for making this store available to the community! And for all the good work you do

Photo of Laura Sayers Laura Sayers
Jul 26, 2021 4

Very helpful and sober, caring strong people . I stand behind you all the way. Your doing a great thing.

Photo of Carol Payton Carol Payton
Aug 14, 2021 5

Great place to shop.so much for less.something for everyone, if you're needing furniture,clothing,shoes,they have it.warm and friendly faces when you check out.

Photo of Kevin Kevin
Aug 21, 2021 3

This place used to be affordable, I'm not sure what happened but the prices went way up. Thrift store merchandise at non thrift store prices.

Photo of Tiffiney Nichols Tiffiney Nichols
Sep 10, 2021 5

This place was huge, had a large selection of nice second hand furniture, and clothing in good condition. They run daily color tag specials. Staff was friendly and helpful as well. I only wish that I lived closer.

Photo of Robert Moore Robert Moore
Oct 27, 2021 5

Largest selection of everything you can imagine. From furniture and clothes to electronic stuff and knick knacks. The staff is super friendly from the moment I walked in the door to a warm greeting till I left with purchase in hand. I remarkable experience that I shall return again and again for.

Photo of David David
Dec 21, 2021 5

Love this well organized thrift shop. Wide selection of clothing sorted by size and type, loads of furniture, small appliances, etc.

Photo of Todd Cherner Todd Cherner
Dec 28, 2021 5

Super easy donation center. They were really helpful, quick, and nice. It’s my new go-to donation place. Much better than my experiences at other charity donation places. Super recommend.

Photo of Ken Ray (mrkenray) Ken Ray (mrkenray)
Feb 3, 2022 5

One of the best thrift stores in Durham. The clothing household item selections are vast. The store has a fairly consistent stock of secondhand electronics, too.

Photo of Wiliam Turner Wiliam Turner
Feb 28, 2022 4

The 4 stars are just for the store on chapel hill Blvd the others stores don't seem to mirror the greed of this store. I see prices for many items that are insanely higher than items sold in retail stores or online, when you bring it to their attention they shrug you off. Pass those same blessings off to those who keep you in business.