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ABC Store #14


4717 Hope Valley Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 419-9811
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ABC Store #14

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Photo of Thomas Roper Thomas Roper
Apr 19, 2019 5

Cashiers are quick and friendly. I don't by hard alcohol often, but when I do the selection here is good. Is also convenient to Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and Small Cakes - nothing washes down a cupcake like a shot o whiskey!

Photo of Matthew Luedke Matthew Luedke
Apr 7, 2019 1

I grew up in a state that didn't see the need to have a government controlled monopoly on liquor sales to "protect" the population. Perhaps it's a bias, but I can never bring myself to rate any ABC highly when it restricts my choice, jacks up prices, and somehow thinks it's providing me a service.

Photo of Sarah Pettiford Sarah Pettiford
May 27, 2019 5

They knew where I could find my gun. No complaints. Very friendly to customers

Photo of Laura Gibbon Laura Gibbon
Jan 23, 2019 3

A bit small and difficult to get in and out of. The staff are nice. The store could use some fresh paint and a Polish on the floors. I always feel like I'm in a windowless box in here and can't wait to get out.

Photo of John Davidson John Davidson
Dec 19, 2018 3

Just your standard government-run liquor establishment.Not the biggest selection, but they do carry some higher end single malts which is all I'm really looking for usually anyway. I do prefer the privately owned model you find in some other states though. The employees tend to be less like DMV workers and take the job more personally.