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East Coast Asian Bistro


5410 NC Hwy 55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 806-8899
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East Coast Asian Bistro

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Photo of Sharath Pawan Sharath Pawan
May 18, 2019 5

Excellent food, especially on Saturdays where they have a cart running around and your pick your dishes off it. The shrimp dumpling, tea leaf sticky rice, taro, turnip cake were excellent! The sesame dumplings make a nice dessert! It can get busy during lunches, so beware.

Photo of Kala Tharp Kala Tharp
May 13, 2019 1

Came here Sunday afternoon and had the worst experience. We couldn't order Dim Sum from the menu but the owner who took the cart around the restaurant with dim sum consistently ignored us. We asked our waitress who told us to talk to the dim sum people and that got us nowhere. We would ask the waitress a question and she would go find out and never come back. The table beside us was able to take Dim Sum orders but not us. They are completely racist and ignored us, their customers. Worst mothers day experience we will not be going back. The best Chinese food in NC is in Taipei 101, you get great service and I take all my international and local clients there. As far as I am concern, this place lost a very good customer. I would have gone back many times over with all my friends and clients.

Photo of Joce T Joce T
Jun 7, 2019 1

Original Review: Excellent place for dim sum! They got a new regular from me. The congee I ordered was great.New Review: I came here with a party. I called ahead to see if they could accommodate 25 people and they said they could. I was excited to show off the place to friends and family from out of town but the proprietor was very rude when we showed up. Even though we were still ordering food he kept pushing us to leave. He said in front of my guests that he was losing money on us in Chinese. I will never come back here.

Photo of katie rebich katie rebich
Apr 7, 2019 5

Absolutely delicious! Great quality and prices. Really enjoyed it. It was so wonderful that I feel compelled to actually leave a review online, which I have never done before for a restaurant. Will definitely be returning!

Photo of Christina Scales Christina Scales
Apr 5, 2019 5

I ordered take out and this place was amazing. The quality was amazing. I had the beef ribs with lemon and honey and loved it. I wish there was a larger portion but it was still great for the price. I also got the sesame rice balls. They are my new favorite. I always wanted to try them and I am in love. I love these sticky rice balls. They were the perfect crunch on the outisde and sticky on the inside.