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Corpse Reviver Bar & Lounge


715 Washington St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 390-3309
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Corpse Reviver Bar and Lounge is named for both the classic gin cocktail and its setting in a former coffin shop located beneath Durham Distillery's Washington Street space. It's designed to showcase Durham Distillery & Conniption Gins and other spirits at their best. Enjoy a cocktail and "revive your spirit" along with shareable snacks made by local chefs and bakers.

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Photo of Jordan S Jordan S
Dec 5, 2023 5

Stumbled upon this place while bar hopping and so glad I did! The drinks were lovely & the ambiance was intimate & classy. Beautifully decorated for Christmas this time of year too. Had the s’mores martini (interestingly one of the only non-gin options on the menu) and it was delectable. They have lots of classic gin cocktails with plenty of niche cordials that most other bars don’t carry. If you like gin & are looking for a well-balanced cocktail, this is your spot.

Photo of Oceanthebartender Oceanthebartender
Nov 23, 2023 4

Walked up the side of the durham distillery to find this gem of a coktail bar. It's named after probably the most forgotten classic of all time(next to the 20 century) the decore was seasonal for sure. A Christmas tree, poinsettias, string lights and wrapped presents. There was even a projector displaying snowfall to add to the asthetics. There were many people packed inside and on their insulted outdoor patio. Unfortunately I did wait 30 minutes for somone to take my drink order. One bartender cannot handle the volume you will need more staff to keep somone sitting for 30 minutes without taking the order is ridiculous. Is my time not worth anything to you? That's how the guest feels when they come to your bar. Prices are fair. Very dissapointing experience to say the least. There are way too many great bars in Durham to get stuck here. All in all I could only recomend this bar to immortals with infinite time and people who love to wait a long time for service. I ordered the psl milk punch. It was okay but def not worth the 30 minute wait. I'll have to come back on a much slower night and give it another shot all the waiting agitated me to the point where I'm not able to give a truly objective review. 1 round 1 hour and 30 dollars later what a total bummer. The bathrooms were decently clean and the bar does have purse hooks. The music is light and indie alternative/edm rock to encourage conversation. There's no real place to escape so probably not a good first or blind date spot. However if you know the person or group well you'll have a blast. I repeat 30 minutes to order and 20 minutes for the first drink. I never thought I would actually waste an hour of my life waiting for a cocktail. I did wait after I let one of the staff know it took me an hour to get the first drink he comped the bill and brought me a second one on the house. Obviously I was a bit upset at the wait sonI can't give them 5 stars. The cocktails are good tho so it's probably still worth the trip. I really do like this bar I just can't give ot 5 stars since I had to wait that long for service. When I come back on a slower night I'll try and update this review hopefully it's less than an hour next time. Great bar but def a bad night. The food is really good too. It's small and more of a bites menu than actual dinner.

Photo of Courtney Mulveney Courtney Mulveney
Oct 17, 2023 5

A new regular spot for me for sure. It's got all the creepy cool vibes and historical background with some of the most expert cocktails I've had in Durham. A great little lounge under the Durham Distillery that features a variety of gin based cocktails (though they have more options than only gin). Music is not too loud, food was delicious, it was full but not overcrowded, and the staff was attentive and friendly without being over present. It was a perfect date night spot for us!