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Cocoa Cinnamon


420 W Geer St
Durham, NC 27701
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Photo of T.M. L. T.M. L.
Jan 6, 2024 5

Been here a few times and the coffee has always been great. I enjoy the Cubano. Their baked goods are delicious. The pictures of the seating are just the more intimate areas, it’s right at the entrance but there’s more seating when you walk fully in. It can get crowded on the weekends so going on a weekday to spend time in there may be the best.

Photo of Stephanie Lanni Stephanie Lanni
Nov 24, 2023 5

Amazing coffee and sipping chocolate. Their flavors are so thoughtful, unique, and hand-crafted. I had some type of fall latte which was excellent, but I loved even more the Mexican-inspired hot chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne. I’ll have to try their churro location next time too. Delicious and great service!

Photo of Lindsey Scales Lindsey Scales
Nov 14, 2023 4

I really enjoy Cocoa Cinnamon, so I hesitated to say 4 stars. The drinks are always delicious and creative, with a focus on sourcing ingredients responsibly ❤️ I only take a star away because the line is often long (they take care with making their drinks) and the place is often crowded so it's hard to find a seat. These are good 'problems' to have! I mainly wish there was more room for staff to do their work (it's tight back there) and more indoor space. On a good weather day, sitting outside is excellent for working, socializing, or people-watching. I just wish there was more space.

Photo of Kaci Hernandez Kluesner Kaci Hernandez Kluesner
Oct 24, 2023 5

I just had the best latte of my life from here. The salted honey latte was delicious. I also had the rum cake. They warned me that yes it would be expensive but it was so worth it. The baristas were very kind and patient and informative. I enjoyed the vibe of the cafe as it had beautiful outdoor seating with beautiful plants all around. I love how altruistic this shop is and I will definitely be back! This place is worth a visit.

Photo of Rhonda Jones Rhonda Jones
Oct 20, 2023 5

Love them! The coffee, atmosphere, and staff are awesome! They carry my Brown Sugar Vanilla rum cake, too. 😍😍😍

Photo of Peter Raines Peter Raines
Aug 27, 2023 4

I may be one of the contrary opinions about how great this place is. Don't get me wrong, I go here whenever I'm downtown. It's not quite a coffee shop, not quite a tea House, and not quite a chocolate bar. It's somewhere in between all three, so they have limited options in each area which add up to plenty of options overall, if that makes sense. It used to be that they were effectively all three, and they had an extensive menu and you could ask for custom things without any issue. Now they have two chocolate drinks when they used to have probably a dozen about 5 years ago. Tea is very similar in that it's been greatly reduced over time. The portions are very small for the money, we're talking 10 ounces for $6 for a hot chocolate, and the same price for 12 oz of tea. They offer some baked goods from 9th Street bakery at this location, and they are often sold out by late morning. There is usually a line so you have to , which isn't bad but it definitely is something to account for if you are meeting someone or me to get somewhere after stopping by. As for the quality of ingredients and craftsmanship, it's top tier. At least from what I can tell. People enjoy working there, you're very friendly and helpful, and I appreciate any business that treats its staff well. Overall, anytime I go I do have a slight dissatisfaction and I don't know exactly why. As you can see, I can't really place it because it's a good company and they serve good products. My thinking is that it is a bit overpriced for what they offer, their seating is a bit limited, and the overall pairing down of their menu over time has bugged me a little bit.

Photo of Ryan Wilmington Ryan Wilmington
Aug 4, 2023 3

From the cold brew to a chai latte, everything I've had here tastes very watery. However, the espresso is fine and the quaint and cozy atmosphere is lovely. So: Get a cappuccino and sit with friends, but if you prefer a nice iced drink to go, there are better cafes.

Photo of Michelle Fearon Michelle Fearon
Jul 31, 2023 5

I had a wonderful cold brew coffee and blueberry muffin that I enjoyed outside - both were delicious! They have a cute patio area with quite a bit of seating for small or larger groups surrounded by a beautiful pollinator garden. Perfect ambiance for a morning coffee and would be a great place to work. Not a lot of seating inside but maybe 5 small tables. Service was kind and fast!

Photo of Marcus Troyer Marcus Troyer
Jun 27, 2023 5

Our go to coffee shop in the area. Their cappuccino is fantastic. Traditional size and the latte art is always on point. Espresso is perfect to compliment the milk. Baristas are very well trained. Outdoor seating is really nice. Has a great coffee shop vibe. Wife gets drip coffee and loves it.

Photo of Anindita Barman Anindita Barman
Jun 4, 2023 4

I enjoyed a hot Amuleto here but my husband did not so much enjoy his cold Al Mokha. Ambience is casual, rustic and warm and location is great.

Photo of Nik Blach Nik Blach
May 14, 2023 5

The staff genuinely loves coffee and puts a lot of effort into their drinks. The menu is a bit unique with flavors you may not find normally.