Chipotle Mexican Grill


2608 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 309-2901
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Chipotle Mexican Grill

Google Reviews

Photo of Susie Palmieri Susie Palmieri
Aug 5, 2019 3

I usually order the bowl and it is good just not in order I would make it putting lettuce on the top. Otherwise it takes delicious.

Photo of Bobbe Wright Bobbe Wright
Jul 14, 2019 4

Wonderful location, easy accessible from Duke Medical. Food is consistently Chipotle good and nice atmosphere.

Photo of Dong Zhang Dong Zhang
Jul 28, 2019 3

up to what u choose to mix. each independently is just ok, but if u do good mix, it can be good

Photo of Theresa Luke Theresa Luke
Mar 17, 2019 3

Stopped in to grab a bite to eat on our way home from Duke Chapel. The employees were fast and efficient. They were slightly messy in making our food, but nothing too bad. I am giving 3 stars though, because, #1 I always have to be pushy to get cilantro in my bowl.... I love cilantro, and wish Chipotle would make it easier to get it in my order. #2 I 💚love💚 Chipotle's lime salt on their chips.... We got a bag of chips, and literally, there were 3 chips in the whole bag that had any seasoning on them. The rest had absolutely nothing. I think every chip should have their special flavoring on it.

Photo of Jordan Birkner Jordan Birkner
Apr 24, 2019 2

The people were nice, but compared to every other Chipotle I have been to, the food was bland and the portions of food given were quite stingy. I could barely get through my meal without consistently using hot sauce. The steak and medium salsa has no flavor.

Photo of Sharon Hill Anderson Sharon Hill Anderson
Feb 21, 2019 5

Always love eating here when we come to Duke for my checkups. It's a nice break from the clinic setting. Their food is so fresh and tasty. BTW- my CT scan showed that radiation had worked its magic.

Photo of Zanobia Sewing Zanobia Sewing
Mar 13, 2019 2

It was always my best place for dinner since I realized that on every visit I was not getting what I was paying for. The quality & especially the quantity of standard meal in a bowl is different each time. And last time I was very much upset as I only get less than half a bowl meal. Sad. I could count 13 corns in my bowl....seriously sadAll the employees are not at all trained for how much to put in a bowl. Of course there must be a certain spoon full of rice or beans or chicken. I decided to return my purchase but I thought it is my last visit. My family used to go thrice a week. But it is too much. There are other places too.

Photo of Just Anotherviewer Just Anotherviewer
May 8, 2019 2

Ordered a burrito bowl of chicken with brown rice, fajitas, cheese guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, black beans, medium corn, and tomato salsa. What I got was a small portion with burnt chicken with NO LETTUCE OR GUACAMOLE. Good job chipotle. Keep disappointing your customers

Photo of aser auguste aser auguste
Jul 7, 2019 4

I enjoyed my vegetarian bowl. My server wasn't very nice, she seemed a bit irritated by me taking my time to decide exactly what I wanted on my bowl. The cashier was decent.