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Barnes & Noble


8030 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 806-1930
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Photo of P L P L
Oct 13, 2019 5

This is a great location. It's two stories, so each section has a good bit more than other Barnes & Nobles locations. They have a large starbucks and a great stationary section. It's fun to walk around and look at all the different types of books. They have comfy chairs to sit and read.

Photo of Carpe Diem Carpe Diem
Oct 10, 2019 5

Great place to sit, study, have a coffee, and browse books and things. I always stop here after walking through the South point mall. Has both indoor and outdoor seating which is a real plus.

Photo of Ross Workman Ross Workman
Sep 18, 2019 5

This is a fun bookstore. We came late on a Saturday night, so there were a lot of energetic teenagers hanging out in the kids section, but the employees did a good job of encouraging them to move their party to other locations. Overall nice, clean, good service, and convinient.

Photo of Alivia Evans Alivia Evans
Sep 30, 2019 5

Great staff! Super helpful and enthusiastic about their job. I've gotten some nice recommendations from a staff member as well

Photo of Madhura Naik Madhura Naik
Nov 5, 2019 4

What's not to love in a giant bookstore! You can find almost any paperback/hardbound you want here. Fun browsing experience and a nice cafe on the side to sip some liquid happiness while you're choosing your next read. The staff is super friendly and will guide you towards interesting sections in the store and introduce you to lesser known authors. Highly recommended if you're visiting Southpoint mall, which btw is also a great place to walk/browse around!

Photo of Helen Levers Helen Levers
Nov 9, 2019 5

I love this place. Being able to browse the aisles at leisure with a Starbucks coffee in hand. I never leave without buying something 👍👍👍

Photo of Chris Classen Chris Classen
Nov 9, 2019 5

Lots of good ideas for gifts. They has a used book section, coffee, wifi and goodies to eat. Always friendly helpers available.

Photo of Dana Higgins Dana Higgins
Jan 10, 2020 5

It's always fun browsing bookstores and this so happens to be the one I always go to because it's closest to me. The staff is friendly and the store is always clean. I wouldn't recommend coming here if you want peace and quiet because it's always busy, but not a bad thing, in my opinion.

Photo of Jason Addison Jason Addison
Jan 17, 2019 5

Likely the best Barnes & Noble in Durham, they have a incredible stock of games, toys, books (of course), and other items. While I do not understand the the logic of continuing with an electronics department at this point, that has little to do with whether or not I can recommend this place. The Starbucks is quick and efficient. The employees were always available if I have a question, but thankfully they do not press or overly invade your space. The two-story design is unique among Barnes and Nobles that I've seen, and there are plenty of tidy areas to sit down, take a load off, and decide what you're going to get. I find that Barnes & Noble is doing better with their pricing than the last time I checked in. Because of this I can actually recommend buying books here as opposed to online. I do not recommend joining their club unless you are a frequent shopper. Full disclosure, I used to work for the retailer way back in the day. The breakdown back then was, if you're going to spend $200 or more a year, join the club. If you're not then don't. Now I specifically didn't ask about this, but this hadn't changed as of a year ago.

Photo of Frederic Delaveau Frederic Delaveau
Apr 8, 2018 4

Compact store with extensive others. The personnel is very friendly and are very literate. We have been advised for readings from French US and Latin authors. It s conveniently located at the very middle of the street so it s a good stop during your shopping time

Photo of Tim O'Sullivan Tim O'Sullivan
May 5, 2020 4

Massive Barnes & Noble on two floors. A huge selection as you would expect, and lots of CD's and Vinyl.

Photo of Ema Centonze Ema Centonze
Jun 4, 2019 3

Great place, where you can take the time and you'll always find something at the end! My only minus is for the managing team. During the week it's almost like nobody is working especially in the morning so you can be in the position to try to find someone, by yourself, if you want some advice or wait easily 15 minutes to get to the cashier only because there is only one person working.

Photo of Ann Vogler Ann Vogler
Jun 7, 2019 5

Love this place. We go too much :). My husband has also gotten hooked on buying books.Get the membership! One of the best annual memberships I have! Worth every penny with the Starbucks rewards and book savings! Puts amazon prices to shame when you use Barnes and Nobles’ membership!

Photo of Luminoso-Kenneth Cruz Luminoso-Kenneth Cruz
Jun 11, 2019 5

It's a Barnes and Noble! It's clean and rather quiet. Great place to browse for and buy books. They have an elevator for an accessible second floor, but the layout is rather tight.

Photo of Oyuki Marquez Oyuki Marquez
Jun 6, 2019 4

The best library. A ton of books and has activities for kids every month. They have a space specially for kids where they can read a book and see if they love the book.

Photo of Nixon Cheaz Nixon Cheaz
May 29, 2019 5

Love Barnes and Noble. It's such a welcoming place full of book choices. The one in Southpoint is great. Highly recommended.

Photo of Cyrus Cyrus
Jun 29, 2019 5

Great employees and is a quiet and peaceful environment in a relatively great location. Nothing wrong about this place and always keep their books organized.

Photo of Jared Bradley Jared Bradley
Aug 20, 2019 5

Great place to shop and read! Nice people, friendly environment, and good service! You will find nearly all of your favorite book authors here.

Photo of Leanne Tupper Leanne Tupper
Jul 14, 2019 4

This is a large location and of course huge variety of products including sale bins which I love. My only complaint is that the prices are high, especially in the children's section I think. It's still a very nice place to grab a coffee and just browse or enjoy the quiet environment.

Photo of CA Henderson CA Henderson
Aug 3, 2019 4

The staff is usually very friendly. Sometimes they don't have something you might want in the cafe, but that is completely dependent upon what is made available to the cafe through the distributor and Starbucks. But it's usually a good experience in Barnes & Noble. I just want them to have old books too! 🙂

Photo of Marky Mark Marky Mark
Jul 30, 2019 3

Nice place and the coffee was good. Went on July 4th about an hour before closing. I felt rushed the whole time. It's not like I came in 10 minutes before closing, otherwise, I would have taken it to go. Also, employees were mopping and putting chairs up during this time. I get it, ya wanna go home but you have a posted closing time. You should post a cut off time if you're going to treat customers like that. You're very fortunate to have dedicated customers. Keep on this path and we will stop coming.