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Al Buehler Trail Parking


3001 Cameron Blvd
Durham, NC 27705

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Photo of Z L Z L
Feb 14, 2022 4

Gorgeous, quiet and safe. I wish that there were more trails like this one. It was not crowded on the weekend either.

Photo of The Real Drip art The Real Drip art
Dec 4, 2021 5

Nice trail some larger hills, drinking water turned off.

Photo of Robert Moore Robert Moore
Nov 14, 2021 5

A lot more people than I really expected. A very relaxing walk. Beautiful this time of year.

Photo of Jorge Hernandez Jorge Hernandez
Aug 21, 2021 5

Great trail to walk and jog with the family. It took us a little over an hour which was great. Beautiful scenery and it passes right in front of the golf course.

Photo of Carolina Quiroga Carolina Quiroga
Feb 21, 2022 5

Plenty of shade. Always a great walk

Photo of Evelin Fernandez Evelin Fernandez
Jun 14, 2021 5

Nice place to walk..

Photo of Michael Rodgers Michael Rodgers
Mar 10, 2021 5

Great trail for the family and I. We enjoy the shaded walking trails and our dog loves it. Not too long of a trail although my 5 year old does get pretty tired from it (little legs). This trail has my personal stamp of approval on it as there is not many people on it but enough to say that if anything happens someone will be there for you. The trail is around a Dukes golf course and it has great intervals of small and rather large hills (not mountains, just tall hills). Not the greatest for bikes but great for walks, hikes and runs.

Photo of Mark Biggers Mark Biggers
Nov 19, 2020 5

Groomed trail, that partly encircles the Duke golf course. Hilly enough to be challenging, for an urban trail. Fun.

Photo of Joel Diaz Joel Diaz
Jul 24, 2020 5

Mostly shaded trail for all family members

Photo of Heather P. McPherson Heather P. McPherson
Jun 6, 2018 5

This is for The Local Yelp article about beautiful trials or parks and to that I say it doesn't get much better than the Al Buehler Trail that lazily snakes it's way through Duke Forest, behind the Washington Duke Inn and Golf club. I like to go early in the mornings when the new sun lights the thick, green tree canopy above. If you've lived here in our neck of the South during the summer, any kind of "keep cool" is sacred! During summer, its is much cooler in the mornings and much less busy. You can see runners, joggers, kids in strollers, mad dashes of bicycles, walkers and anyone else who loves this seemingly untouched nugget of emerald right here in the heart of city. And after 5pm, rush hour is on and weekends are just as busy, just stay mindful where your feet hit the path. They have some rest benches and watering bowl for your pup, yes leashed dogs are welcome but you should bring your own bottle, drinking faucets helplessly deadlocked. Its a multi level trail from a easy stroll to climbing huge gravel hills, all encompassing the beauty of the golf club. It's natural, green space, rolling hills, not planned trail is what my soul needs. I Ioved it the minute we met and try to get out as much as possible to relax, reconnect and recharge. I'm also blessed to be in walking distance of my home as parking is tight and tricky. There are several entrances and exits to the trail, mine is off Cornwallis, across from the magnet school. A lovely outdoor spot.

Photo of Julianna Patterson Julianna Patterson
Aug 31, 2020 4

This trail is beautiful and should be walked at least once if you live in the area.

Photo of James Junker James Junker
Aug 13, 2020 4

During COVID the larger gravel lot southeast of the Science Dr. traffic light is available for Al Buehler Trail parking. So, trail users currently are not all having to squeeze into the smaller gravel lot northwest of the light.

Photo of Shoni F Shoni F
Jun 7, 2020 5

One of my favorite trails in Durham. It is hilly and curvy. Beautiful for a long walk or scenic run. If i had to guess a percentage, I'd say it's about 80% shaded by trees. There are only a couple sports where you're in the sun for a few minutes. This trail is well-kept by Duke. Be careful though if you go after a big rain or thunderstorm. Lots of muddy spots and sometimes fallen trees. I usually give it a couple days after a storm before visiting again.

Photo of karla Figueroa karla Figueroa
Jun 3, 2020 5

So nice 👌 feeling

Photo of mustafa said mustafa said
Apr 17, 2020 3

Good place to run usually, randomly got stopped by an older white guy today who was super racist for no reason? Seemed a little crazy so I ignored him..

Photo of Tracy Sprenger Tracy Sprenger
Mar 14, 2020 5

Cool trail. Nice parking lot.

Photo of What Algorithm??? What Algorithm???
Dec 18, 2019 5

It's parking, so this review will be both lengthy and detail filled.......you can park your car here.

Photo of K Boudy K Boudy
Jul 23, 2019 5

Nice 3 Mile loop with option to go 3.75

Photo of Na-im Butler Na-im Butler
Apr 7, 2019 5

Awesome as usual a great 3 miles to walk or run

Photo of Sal Panettieri Sal Panettieri
Feb 13, 2019 5

This is a very nice trail to walk/ hike it runs between highway 501/15 and the Duke Golf course. It is a sandy path that dogs like to walk on, cause it is easy on their paws. Not like gravel. It has some slight hills and a bridge, but what makes it nice is the views you get of the golf course. Bikes are allowed, so watch your back if it’s busy.

Photo of Kathryn Desplanque Kathryn Desplanque
Apr 10, 2019 5

This is my fave trail in the region for a run. It isn't 3 miles but if you're a beginner runner like myself and run slowly interspersed with some walking this is a solid 30-40 minute workout. And it's a nice thoughtless loop! If you're hankering for full forest immersion though this isn't the place. You're either framed by a golf course or a highway. But if you're a woman running solo this feels nice and safe!!! Moderate hills so gets soggy easily but not too soggy ever!

Photo of Justin P Justin P
May 20, 2019 4

Al Buehler Cross Country Trail is a 3 mile loop around Washington Duke Golf Course for walking and jogging. The trail is on the west campus of Duke University and technically is not in Duke Forest, but it is maintained by the office of Duke Forest. The trail is used by the Duke cross-country team for training, but it's open to the public and very popular, so the parking lot can fill up on weekends. Much of the trail runs around the golf course, but the western end runs through a wetland area undergoing restoration. A spur trail near the retention pond leads to the fitness loop to add another mile. Overall, a nice multi-use trail for Duke and the surrounding community.

Photo of Scott Blewer Scott Blewer
May 23, 2019 5

Great hilly, shaded, dirt trail perfect for a run. Roughly 3 miles long if you don't include the small exercise loop. Parts get swampy after a good rain. Lots of people most of the year, feels very safe.

Photo of arman rashid arman rashid
May 29, 2022 5

Nice small trail. Lots of ups and downs. Give you a good exercise.